SE16N - General Table Display CO - Controlling
ST01 - System Trace Basis - Low Level Layer
MSC2N - Change Batch Logistics - Batches
OMIT - Start Date in the Past PP - Master Data
SAS - ABAP Debugger Scripting Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
MDXTEST - MDX Test Panel BW - OLAP Technology
ONCE - IS-HCM List of partner system sett. IS - Basic Data
KALS - Reverse Reconciliation Posting CO - Cost Element Accounting
BRICK - Loading Bricks and Nano Bricks CRM - Business Partner
SE36 - Logical Database Builder Basis - Logical Database Builder
SNC1 - Generate SNC name for user Basis - Secure Network Communications
CU50 - Material Config. Simul./Modelling Logistics - Variant Configuration
SM53 - VMC Monitoring and Administration Basis - Virtual Machine Container
SE75 - SAPscript Settings Basis - SAPscript
RSANWB - Analysis Process Designer BW - Analysis Process Designer
BALD - ALE Development Basis - ALE Integration Technology
VLMOVE - HU Goods Movements Logistics Execution - Shipping
ME33K - Display Contract MM - Purchasing
SIGS - IGS Administration Basis - Graphic
SXDA - Data Transfer Workbench Basis - Data Transfer Workbench
PEST - Maintenance of process model Payroll - Tools
SE72 - SAPscript Styles Basis - SAPscript
FIPOS - Create Commitment Items Project Systems - Payments
CS15 - Single-Level Where-used List Logistics - Bills of Material
UASE16N - Table Display Financials - Services
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