KEND - Realignments CO - Profitability Analysis
KEN1 - Maintain Number Range: COPA_IST CO - Profitability Analysis
KEN2 - Maint. number ranges: CO-PA planning CO - Profitability Analysis
SDOE_LOAD - Trigger Backend Load Basis - Data Orchestration Engine: Back-End Integration
BBP_CLEANER - Start Synchronization with Backend SRM - Enterprise Buyer
RS_BCT_BWBEOTYP - Maintain BW Backend Object Types BW - BI Content - Generic
IHC1EP - Create External Payment Order Financials - FSCM In-House Cash
IHC1ED - Create External Payment Order Financials - FSCM In-House Cash
BBP_UPDATE_MAPPING - Adjustment: Vendors <--> Backend SRM - Enterprise Buyer
CFC01 - cFolders Backend Integr. Customizing Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
BBP_SNEW_SYNCVD - Shows New Vendor Repl. from Backend SRM - Enterprise Buyer
S_BIE_59000015 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_EXP_SERVER KM - Knowledge Warehouse
BBP_CUST_LOGSYS - Maintenance of the Backend System SRM - Customizing
BBP_MS_BE_C - Multiple Company:Maintain FI Backend SRM - Enterprise Buyer
S_BIE_59000002 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_R3LINK31 KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000003 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_LINK40ADEST KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000004 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_FORMATS KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000005 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_EXTCHAIN KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000006 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_EXTENSION KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000009 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_FLDRGRP KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000010 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_EXP_RANGE KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000011 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_EXRTAB KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000012 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_EXP_VARIANT KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000013 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_AUT_AUSH KM - Knowledge Warehouse
S_BIE_59000014 - IMG Activity: SIMG_ken_EXP_ASSIGN KM - Knowledge Warehouse
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