KO88 - Actual settlement: Order CO - Overhead Cost Orders
CJ88 - Settle Projects and Networks CO - Overhead Cost Orders
AIAB - AuC Assignment of Dist. rule FI - Line Item Settlement of AUC
CJ20N - Project Builder Project Systems - Project Builder
OKO7 - maintain settlement Profiles CO - Overhead Cost Orders
CJB2 - Generate Settmt rule: Indiv.Proc. Project Systems - Settlement
CJ8G - Actual settlement: Projects/Networks CO - Overhead Cost Orders
KO02 - Change Order CO - Overhead Cost Orders
OKO6 - maintain Allocation Structure CO - Overhead Cost Orders
CJIC - maintain Project settlement LIs Investment Management - Project Settlement
KOT2 - maintain Order Types - All Categs. CO - Overhead Cost Orders
CJB1 - Generate Settmt rule: Coll.Proc. Project Systems - Settlement
CJ02 - Change Work Breakdown Structure Project Systems - Operative Structures
OPJH - Order types production order PP - Order Planning
KOB5 - Orders: Maint. Line Item settlement Investment Management - Investment Orders
OPSA - maintain Project Profile Project Systems - Operative Structures
OKOA - Init. Screen-Customizing settlement CO - Overhead Cost Orders
OPKT - Initial Screen: settlement Structure PP - Order Planning
OKC9 - Define Substitution CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
KEDR - maintain Derivation Strategy CO - Profitability Analysis
KOSRLIST_PR - Projects/Nets: Coll. Displ.Settrules CO - Overhead Cost Orders
OPSI - Edit PS validation rules Project Systems - Operative Structures
KOSRLIST_OR - Internal Orders: Coll. Displ. SettRu CO - Overhead Cost Orders
OKEU - Change Source Structure CO - Activity Types
KOT2_OPA - Order types for internal orders CO - Overhead Cost Orders
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