FBN1 - Accounting Document number ranges FI - Financial Accounting
MMNR - Define Material Master number ranges Logistics - Material Master
PA04 - Maintain PA number ranges Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
J1I9 - number ranges for excise invoice FI - Localization
CO82 - number ranges for orders PP - Production Orders
OONR - number ranges Basis - Organizational Management
XDN1 - Maintain number ranges (Customer) FI - Basic Functions
XKN1 - Display number ranges (Vendor) FI - Basic Functions
OMH6 - number ranges for Purch. Documents MM - Basic Functions
KONK - Maintain Order number ranges CO - Overhead Cost Orders
OIEN - Equipment number ranges PM - Equipment
OMAD - number ranges for Batch Numbers Logistics - Batches
SNRO - number Range Objects Basis - Number Range Management
SNUM - number Range Driver Basis - Number Range Management
CLNK - number ranges for Class Maintenance Cross Application - Classes
AS08 - number ranges:Asset Number FI - Basic Functions
BUCF - BP Cust: number ranges App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
PP05 - number ranges Basis - Organizational Management
OMH7 - number ranges for Purch. Requisition MM - Basic Functions
OMI2 - C MM-MRP number ranges: Mat. plg. PP - Master Data
OION - Order number ranges PM - Plant Maintenance
OMEO - C MM-PUR number ranges: Info Record MM - Basic Functions
VN01 - number Assignment for SD Documents SD - Sales
PE03 - HR: Features Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
OMBT - No. ranges: Mat. Doc./Phys.Inventory MM - Inventory Management
KANK - number range maint.: RK_BELEG CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
SPRO - Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
SE16 - Data Browser Basis - Workbench Utilities
MM01 - Create Material & Logistics - Material Master
PA30 - Maintain HR Master Data Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
OBA7 - C FI maintain table T003 FI - Basic Functions
OPJH - Order types production order PP - Order Planning
OMSL - C MM-BD Maintain TMCNV Cross Application - Technical Application Support
IQ01 - Create Material Serial number PM - Equipment
OIS2 - Maintain serial number profile PM - Plant Maintenance
OBH2 - C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Fiscal Year FI - Basic Functions
OMR4 - MM-IV Doc.Type/NK Incoming Invoice MM - General Functions
OMBA - number Assgmt. for Accounting Docs. MM - Inventory Management
OBF4 - C FI maintain table T003 FI - Basic Functions
OMC1 - Goods Receipt/Issue Slip number MM - Inventory Management
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