FB08 - reverse Document FI - Financial Accounting
AB08 - reverse Line Items FI - Basic Functions
VL09 - Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note Logistics Execution - Shipping
VF11 - Cancel Billing Document SD - Billing
MR8M - Cancel Invoice Document MM - Invoice Verification
MBST - Cancel Material Document MM - Inventory Management
FBRA - Reset Cleared Items FI - Financial Accounting
LT0G - Return delivery to stock Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
CO13 - Cancel confirmation of prod. order PP - Confirmations
QA12 - Change usage decision with history QM - Inspection Lot Completion
J1IF13 - Challan Complete/reverse/Recredit FI - Localization
PCP0 - Edit posting runs Payroll - Data Transfer
ABZU - Write-up FI - Basic Functions
FCH8 - reverse Check Payment FI - Financial Accounting
MF41 - reverse Backflush (With ALV) PP - Repetitive Manufacturing
AIST - reverse Settlement of AuC FI - Line Item Settlement of AUC
KALS - reverse Reconciliation Posting CO - Cost Element Accounting
FERR - reverse regulatory procedure FI - Financial Accounting
FORG - RE: reverse EXOP rent adj. Real Estat - Real Estate Management
TPM10 - Fix. post or reverse transactions Financials - Transaction Manager
FOUT - RE: reverse RLR rent adj. Real Estat - Real Estate Management
F-20 - reverse Bill Liability FI - Financial Accounting
TSL07 - reverse Securities Lending Financials - Transaction Manager
FBU8 - reverse Cross-Company Code Document FI - Financial Accounting
FP08 - reverse Document FI - Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
F-19 - reverse Statistical Posting FI - Financial Accounting
EL37 - reverse Meter Reading Order Creation IS - Meter Reading
GB06 - reverse Local FI-SL Actual Documnts FI - Basic Functions
F-56 - reverse Statistical Posting FI - Financial Accounting
F01T - reverse General Contract Accr./Def. Real Estat - Real Estate Management
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