NACE - WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen SD - Output Determination
SP01 - Output Controller Basis - Print and Output Management
SPROXY - Enterprise Repository Browser Basis - Proxy Generation
SO10 - SAPscript: Standard Texts Basis - SAPscript
SE78 - Administration of Form Graphics Basis - SAPscript
SPAD - Spool Administration Basis - Print and Output Management
SLDCHECK - Test SLD Connection Basis - System Landscape Directory/Component Repository
SE63 - Translation: Initial Screen Basis - Translation Tools
VF03 - Display Billing Document SD - Billing
SXMB_IFR - Start Integration builder Basis - Integration Engine
SE73 - SAPscript Font Maintenance Basis - SAPscript
SMARTSTYLES - SAP Smart Styles Basis - Smart Forms
SMARTFORMS - SAP Smart Forms Basis - Smart Forms
SFTRACE - SAP Smart Forms: Trace Basis - Smart Forms
CN60 - Change Documents for Projects/Netw. Project Systems - Information System
SPROXSET - Proxy Generation: Settings Basis - Proxy Generation
OPUV - Network Type Parameters Project Systems - Network and Activity
OPSI - Edit PS validation rules Project Systems - Operative Structures
SMARTFORM_TRACE - SAP Smart Forms: Trace Basis - Smart Forms
CRMD_MKTDS - Data Sources for Segment builder CRM - Target Groups
BUTI - Update Without Dialog App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
OPSG - Order change management profile PP - Production Orders
IMAN - Number range maintenance: IMAK Investment Management - Appropriation Requests
CRMD_PROF_TEMPL - Maintain Attribute Sets CRM - Profile Templates
CRMD_PROF_CHAR - Attribute Maintenance CRM - Attributes

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