GGB1 - substitution Maintenance FI - Validation, Substitution and Rules
VB11 - Create Material substitution SD - Conditions
OKC9 - Define substitution CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
0KEM - EC-PCA: Maintain substitutions Enterprice Controlling - Profit Center Accounting
0KEL - EC-PCA: substitutions Enterprice Controlling - Basic Settings
OPSN - Edit PS substitution rules Project Systems - Project System
OBBH - C FI Maintain Table T001Q (Document) FI - Basic Functions
GB01 - Document Entry for Local Ledgers FI - Basic Functions
GGB4 - Analysis tool for valid./subst. FI - Validation, Substitution and Rules
VB12 - Change Material substitution SD - Conditions
VB13 - Display Material substitution SD - Conditions
OVRQ - C SD Table TVSU "Substit.Reason" SD - Material Maintenance
GCX2 - FI-SL: Client-dependent user exits FI - Basic Functions
OA02 - substitution: Mass Changes to Assets FI - Basic Functions
RMPS_SET_SUBSTITUTE - Maintain Substitute (Administration) Cross Application - Records and Case Management
OACS - C FI-AA View maint. substitutions FI - Basic Functions
GCT0 - Transport of substitutions FI - Validation, Substitution and Rules
OBZN - C FI substitution FI/0005: Change FI - Basic Functions
VB14 - Reference Material substitution SD - Conditions
CXCL - Cons: Item substitution/Ret.Earnings Enterprice Controlling - Consolidation
SO06 - SAPoffice: substitution on/off Basis - Use Subcomponents
OA01 - Gain/loss substitution -Fixed assets FI - Basic Functions
GCVX - FI-SL substitution / Local FI - Basic Functions
FMCUDERIVSUB - Derivation strategy for substitution PSM - Budgeting
GCEL - Item substitution/Ret. earn. (CF) FI - Basic Functions
OBZM - C FI substitution FI/0005: Create FI - Basic Functions
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