AP-MD-BP General tcodes

BP - Maintain Business Partner
BUSH - BDT: External applications
LOCA - Locator Demo
BUPA_DEL - Deletion without Archiving
BUCH - BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity
BUSI - BDT: Activities
BUPT - Business Partner Configuration Menu
BUSN - BDT: Activity Categories
BUCK - BP Cust: Marital Status
BUSSA - Transaction Entry Via Search Screen
BPH - Business Partner Group Hierarchy
CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU - Determining FMs for Data Exchange:BP
BUSD - BDT: BP Views
BUCF - BP Cust: Number Ranges
BUS7 - BDT: Events
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP AP-MD-BP General tcodes

Dialog SAP-GUI tcodes AP-MD-BP-UI

BP - Maintain Business Partner
LOCA - Locator Demo
BP0 - Business Partner, Initial Screen
LOCA_CUST - Locator Customizing
LOCA_APPL - Locator Applications
BP_LOCA - Example: Business Partner Locator
BURC_LAYOUT - Custom. Rel.Category -> Log. Group

Group Hierarchy tcodes AP-MD-BP-GRH

BPH - Business Partner Group Hierarchy

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