BC-BMT-OM General tcodes

PP01 - Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided)
PPOME - Change Organization and Staffing
PO13 - Maintain Position
PFTC - General Task Maintenance
PP02 - Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PPMS - Display Matrix Organization
PFAL - HR: ALE Distribution HR Master Data
PFAC - Maintain Rule
PP03 - Maintain Plan Data (Action-Based)
PPOMA - Change Attributes
PPOM_OLD - Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOM - Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOSE - Display organization and Staffing
PO10 - Maintain Organizational Unit
PPCI - Copy Infotype
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Full list of SAP BC-BMT-OM General tcodes

Organization and Planning tcodes BC-BMT-OM-OM

PPMS - Display Matrix Organization
SCRE - Role Manager: Start of a Report
PPMDT - Manager's Desktop
PPSS - Display Structure
PPSM - Change Structure
PPSC - Create Structure
PPME - Change Matrix Organization
GRM_WRAPPER - Generic Role Manager: Wrapper
PZUS - ESS General Settings
SCFB - Role Manager: Start of a Function
OO9M - Matrix Types
DELETE_MDT_SETTINGS - Delete Manager's Desktop Settings
PPMDTCW - Customizing wizard Manager's Desktop
PZUSFB - ESS MiniApp Photograph/Birthday
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Full list of SAP BC-BMT-OM Organization and Planning tcodes BC-BMT-OM-OM

Structural Graphics tcodes BC-BMT-OM-GRF

OOST - Standard Assignment
OOMS - Toolboxes
PGOM - Graphical Structure Maintenance
HR_NAMESPACE - Query HR Namespace
OOGA - Designs
OOGT - User Assignment
OOOD - Data Sets

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