BC-CST General tcodes

SM50 - Work Process Overview
SM12 - Display and Delete Locks
SMICM - ICM Monitor
SM13 - Administrate Update Records
ST01 - System Trace
SM04 - User List
SM51 - List of SAP Systems
SMGW - Gateway Monitor
SM02 - System Messages
ST11 - Display Developer Traces
SM14 - Update Program Administration
SM52 - Virtual Machine Overview
SMMS - Message Server Monitor
SM56 - Number Range Buffer
SM54 - TXCOM Maintenance
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC-CST General tcodes

Enqueue tcodes BC-CST-EQ

SM12 - Display and Delete Locks
SMCL - CSL: Monitor
SPFPAR - Display Profile Parameters

Internet Communication Manager tcodes BC-CST-IC

SMICM - ICM Monitor

Low Level Layer tcodes BC-CST-LL

ST01 - System Trace
ST11 - Display Developer Traces
STDC - Debugger output/control
STDA - Debugger display/control (server)
STDU - Debugger display/control (user)

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