BC-MID-ALE General tcodes

WE20 - Partner Profiles
WE19 - Test tool
BD64 - Maintenance of Distribution Model
WE02 - Display IDoc
IDX2 - Meta Data Overview in IDoc Adapter
BD87 - Status Monitor for ALE Messages
IDX1 - Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter
WE30 - IDoc Type Development
WE05 - IDoc Lists
WE21 - Port definition
BDLS - Convert Logical System Names
WE31 - Development IDoc Segment
WE82 - Assign Messages for IDoc Type
WE81 - Logical message types
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP BC-MID-ALE General tcodes

Utilities tcodes BC-MID-ALE-UTI

BMV0 - Manage Data Transfers
BMVN - Number Range Maintenance: DI_JOBID
OBDU - Job Names for Data Transfers

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