BRF - Business Rule Framework - Workbench
BRFPLUS - BRFplus Workbench
FDT_WORKBENCH - BRFplus Workbench
BRFIMC03 - BRF: Display Impl. Class
BRFEXP01 - BRF: Create Expression
BRFEXP02 - BRF: Change Expression
FDT_HELPERS - BRFplus Helper Reports/Transactions
BRFU01 - BRF: Compare SAPscript Texts
BRFEVT03 - BRF: Display Event
BRFACT03 - BRF: Display Concrete Actions
BRFAPL03 - BRF: Display Application Class
BRFAPL01 - BRF: Create Application Class
FDT_SHOW_DB - BRFplus - Show Object DB Entries
BRFEXP03 - BRF: Display Expression
BRFEVT01 - BRF: Create Event

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