Time Sheet tcodes CA-TS

CATS - CATS: Cross-Application Time
CAT2 - Time Sheet: Maintain Times
CAPP - CATS: Object-Related Approval
CATW - Record Working Time
CATS_APPR_LITE - Approve Working Times
CAT7 - CATS: Transfer Data to CO
CAT5 - Data Transfer CATS -> PS
CAC1 - Time Sheet: Maintain Profiles
CAC2 - Time Sheet: Field Selection
CATS_DA - Display Working Times
CADO - Time Sheet: Display Data
CATC - Time Sheet: Time Leveling
CAT3 - Time Sheet: Display Times
CAT9 - Data Transfer CATS -> PM/CS
CATM - Selection From Time Recording
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Time Sheet tcodes CA-TS

CA General tcodes

CATS - CATS: Cross-Application Time
EEWB - Easy Enhancement Workbench
CAT2 - Time Sheet: Maintain Times
CT04 - Characteristics
HRUSER - Set Up and Maintain ESS Users
MDB - SPI Metadata Browser
CV01N - Create Document
S000 - System Menu
FIBF - Maintenance transaction BTE
CL20N - Object Assignments
CV04N - Find Document
CL02 - Classes
OBA5 - Change Message Control
CL24N - Class Assignments
CV02N - Change Document
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA General tcodes

Document Management System tcodes CA-DMS

CV01N - Create Document
CV04N - Find Document
CV02N - Change Document
DC10 - Define document types
CV03N - Display document
DC30 - Define workstation application
DC20 - Define data carrier
CV01 - Create Document Info Record
CVI9 - Log for distribution orders
CV130 - TEST_CV130
CV02 - Change Document Info Record
CV04 - List Document Info Records
CVAR - Archive DMS Tables
CVI8 - Start document distribution
CV03 - Display Document Info Record
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Document Management System tcodes CA-DMS

Basic Settings tcodes EC-PCA-BS

PROF - Profit Center Accounting
3KEH - EC-PCA:Addit. Bal. Sheet/P+L Accts
3KEI - Derive Default Profit Center
1KEF - EC-PCA: Parameter acutal postings
S_ALR_87004092 - IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORK1VA02
0KEL - EC-PCA: Substitutions
8KES - Derive Partner Profit Center: Purch.
8KER - Derive Partner Profit Center: Sales
2KET - EC-PCA: Allow Balance Carryforward
0KEA - EC-PCA: Maintain report tree
0KEQ - EC-PCA: Transport Master Data
8KEZ - EC-PCA Transfer Pricing
0KE4 - EC-PCA: Update settings
0KEK - EC-PCA: Account Determination
8KEP - Activate Cur.+Val. Profile in COArea
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Basic Settings tcodes EC-PCA-BS

Employee Self-Service tcodes CA-ESS

HRUSER - Set Up and Maintain ESS Users
PZ01 - Who's Who
PZ02 - Address
PZLE - ESS Life Event (Dummy)
PZ01C - ESS Customizing for ESS Who's Who
PZ03 - Bank Details
PZ50 - Change Who's Who Data
PZ35 - Who's Who (Flow Logic)
PZ17 - Work Schedule
PZ00 - ESS Start Menu
PZ05 - Emergency Address
PZWHOC - ESS Who's Who: Customizing
PZLE_01 - ESS Life Event - New Hire (Dummy)
PZM2 - ESS Start Menu
PZ18 - Emergency Contact
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Employee Self-Service tcodes CA-ESS

Global Organization Customizing tcodes CA-CUS

S000 - System Menu
OY01 - Customize: set up countries
EC01 - Org.Object Copier: Company Code
EC02 - Org.Object Copier: Plant
OY05 - Factory calendar
SUCU - Table authorizations: Customizing
O035 - Country version delivery sys created
OY19 - Customizing Cross-System Viewer
EC08 - Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point
EC04 - Org.Object Copier: Sales Organizatn
EC05 - Org.Object Copier: Distribution Chnl
OY18 - Table history
EC07 - Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point
EC06 - Org.Object Copier: Division
ECOP - Main Program for Entity Copier
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Global Organization Customizing tcodes CA-CUS

Bank tcodes CA-BK

OBA5 - Change Message Control
FI01 - Create Bank
OBMSG - Configurable Messages
OY17 - Countries - field checks
FI02 - Change Bank
FIOR - Create Orbian Bank
BA01 - Table T005BU
FI06 - Set Flag to Delete Bank
BAUP - Bank Data Transfer
FI03 - Display Bank
FIPS - Create PSP Bank
FI08 - Distribution of the Bank Master Data
FI04 - Display Bank Changes
BIC - Transfer Bank Data from BIC Database
FIHC - Create In-House Cash Center
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Bank tcodes CA-BK

Classification tcodes CA-CL

CT04 - Characteristics
CL20N - Object Assignments
CL02 - Classes
CL24N - Class Assignments
GENC - Generate Source Code
CTBW - Table Maint. for BW and Classes
CL01 - Create Class
CL30N - Find Objects in Classes
CLNK - Number Ranges for Class Maintenance
CLMM - Mass Change for Assigned Values
CL03 - Display Class
CT01 - Create Characteristic
CT02 - Change Characteristic
CL04 - Delete Class
CL6BN - Object List (ALV)
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Classification tcodes CA-CL

Basic Functions tcodes FI-CA-BF

EMMA - Log Analysis and Case Creation
CAA1 - Create Contract Account
CARP - BP Cust: Fld. Mof. Ext. Application
CASE - CA Control: Role Type Grouping
CAA2 - Change Contract Account
CACH - BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity
CASI - BP Control: Activities
CAA3 - Display Contract Account
CASA - BP Control: Match Codes
CAWM - Business Partner Configuration Menu
CASN - FI-CA Cust: Field Groups for Auth.
CAS3 - CA Control: Views
EMMACLS - Case List with Shortcut Keys
CASC - CA Control: Field Grouping Criteria
EMMACL - Clarification List
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Basic Functions tcodes FI-CA-BF

Basic Data for Certificates tcodes QM-CA-MD

QC20 - Certificates for Deliveries
QC21 - Quality certificate for the insp.lot
QC01 - Create certificate profile
QC22 - Quality Certificate for Batch
QC15 - Create cert. profile assignment
QC02 - Change certificate profile
QC03 - Display certificate profile
QC17 - Display cert. profile assignment
QC11 - Create cert. profile assignment
QC16 - Change cert. profile assignment
QC32 - Archive display: Inspection lot
QC42 - Batch certificate on WWW
QC06 - Immediate delete of cert. profiles
QC40 - Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC31 - Archive display: Delivery item
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Basic Data for Certificates tcodes QM-CA-MD

Messages tcodes CA-NO

DNO_NOTIF - Number Range Maintenance
DNO_CUST01 - Settings for Notification Type
DNO_CUST04 - Basic Notification: User Settings
DNOTIFWL - Basic Notifications Worklist
DNOTIF - Basic Notification
DNO_CUST02 - Settings for Partner Types
DNOTIFREP - Basis Notification Reporting
DNOTIFWL_EWT - Basic Notifications Worklist
DNOTIF_EWT - Basic Notification
DNOTIF_FCT - Basic Notification
DNOTIF_FCT_EWT - Basic Notification
DNO_CUST03 - Settings for Note Types
DNO_CUST05 - Subscreen Control
DNO_UPDATE - Manual Adjustment

Open Information Warehouse tcodes CA-OIW

BW07 - BW20PI: Gen. SET Hierarchies for BW
BW10 - BW20PI: Log. Gen. Hierarchy for BW
MCK6 - Create Customer OIW Hierarchy
MCK7 - Change Customer OIW Hierarchy
MCK8 - Display Customer OIW Hierarchy
MCK9 - Maintain Customer OIW Info Catalog
MCK4 - Change SAP OIW Hierarchy
MCK5 - Display SAP OIW Hierarchy
MCKA - OIW Metadata
BW09 - BW20PI: Product Hierarchy for SAP BW

Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting tcodes CA-JVA

GJCB - JV Cutback Program
GJ90 - JV Realized exchange differences
GJRG_5J1B - Gross billable / all by cost object
GJEC - Pre-Cutback Equity_Change Management
GJG1 - Create JV distribution cycle -actual
GJT4 - JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJ94 - International Cost Calculations
GJVV - Joint Venture Master Transaction
GJ0B - Non-Operated Billing by Venture V.2
GJ19 - Equity Adjustments
GJF5 - Execute JV assessment - actual
GJ14 - Hard Copy Billing
GJ30 - Cutback / project intercompany code
GJ91 - JV Unrealized exchange
GJG2 - Change JV distribution cycle -actual
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting tcodes CA-JVA

CAD Integration tcodes CA-CAD

CDESK - CAD Desktop
CDESK_CUS - Customizing CAD Desktop
CV30 - Display Transfer Log
CV31 - Find CAD Interface Errors Online
CV22 - Change Frontend Type
CY00 - Engineering Menu
OCA0 -

General Application Functions tcodes CA-GTF

EEWB - Easy Enhancement Workbench
FIBF - Maintenance transaction BTE
CC01 - Create Change Master
BS02 - Maintain status profiles
BS22 - Maintain system status
BF11 - BTE Evaluation Criteria
PHAP_CATALOG - Appraisal Template Catalog
VFBS - Next screen control
CUFD - Distribute Variant Functions
PPPM - Change Profile
CC02 - Change Change Master
PHAP_ADMIN - Administrator - Appraisal Document
MASSD - Mass Maintenance
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA General Application Functions tcodes CA-GTF

Audit Management tcodes CA-AUD

PLMD_AUDIT - Audit Management
PLM_AUDITMONITOR - Audit Management: Evaluations
PLMC_AUDIT - Audit Management: Customizing
PLMC_AUDIT_MAPPING - Customizing Field Assignment MS Proj
PLMC_AUDIT_RESIDENCE - Audit Comps: Define Residence Time
PLMC_AUDIT_SFAC_AQN - Field Selectn:Audit Questn List/Item
PLMC_AUDIT_SFAC_AUO - Field Selection: Audit
PLMC_AUDIT_SFAC_AUP - Field Selection: Audit Plan
PLMC_AUDIT_SFAC_COR - Field Selectn: Audit Corrective Actn
PLMC_AUDIT_SFAC_QUE - Field Selectn: Audit QuestnList Item
PLMC_AUDIT_SFAC_QUN - Field Selection: Audit Question List
PLM_AUDIT_DISPLAY - Audit Component: Display
PLM_AUDIT_PARTNER - Classification of Audit Partners

Master Data tcodes IS-B-BCA-MD

F991 - Mass Acct. Balancing (Int./Charges)
F9K2 - Change account
F982 - Edit general conditions
F9K3 - Display Account
F9H4 - Cash Concentration: Single Run
FIPRD3 - Display Product
FIPRC4 - Maintain Key Prefix
F9K1 - Create Account
F9H6 - Cash Concentration: Mass Run
FIPRC3 - Maintain Attributes
FIPRC5 - Field Grouping Activity
FIPRD1 - Create Product
FIPRD2 - Change Product
FIPRD4 - Copy Product
F999 - Interest scale
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Master Data tcodes IS-B-BCA-MD

Digital Signature tcodes CA-DSG

DSAL - Digital Signature Logs
SIGNO - Register Signature Object
CJ00 - Find Digital Signatures
SIGNA - Register Signature Application
ELSIG03N - Signature Method for Signat. Object
ELSIG01 - Authorization Grp Digital Signatures
DSLOG - Signature Tool: Log Display
ELSIG00 - Signature Strategy
ELSIG02 - Digital Signature
ELSIG03 - Signature Method for Signat. Object

Position Management tcodes IS-B-BCA-MPM

F9A0 - BCA: Block Checks
F9A7 - BCA: Revoke Check Block
F9A4 - BCA: Request Check
F9A1 - Create Check
F9A10 - Edit Lock
F9A11 - Delete Check
F9A12 - Creat Check Stack
F9A13 - Request Check Stack (Customer)
F9A16 - BCA: Delete Stack Creation
F9A18 - BCA: Request Checks from Location
F9A19 - BCA: Release Check Stack
F9A20 - Display Check Stack
F9A21 - BCA: Block Check Stack
F9A23 - Lift Block
F9A25 - BCA: Location Maintenance Pos. Mgmt
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Position Management tcodes IS-B-BCA-MPM

Web Survey tcodes CA-SUR

UBDS - Business Domain Lib: Log onto BD
SURVEY_FORMS - Survey Forms
SURVEY - Survey Cockpit
UBDC - Business Domain Lib: Remote Systems
UXB_APPL - Maintain Applications
UBDH - Business Domain Lib: BD Hierarchy a
UWS_BW_APPL - Maintain Form Services BW Applctn
UXP_APPL_PERS - KW Persistence of Applications
UXSA - Maintain Attribute URIs
UXS_XML_T - Maintain Form Services Translation
UXS_XSLT_T - Translation XSLT Program

IDoc Interfaces for EDI tcodes CA-EDI

WEL1 - EDI: Interface Invoice for EDILOGADR

Invoicing to Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable tcodes FI-CA-INV

FKKINV_MA - Invoicing
FKKINV_BW_MON - Analysis of BW Extraction Orders
FKKINV_S - Individual Invoicing
FKKINV_BW_MA - BW Extraction of Invoicing Documents
FKKINVDOC_DISP - Display Invoicing Document
FKKINV_BW_SIM - Simulation of BW Extraction

Master Data Governance tcodes CA-MDG

MDGIMG - Master Data Governance Customizing
FOX3 - FOX: Area Menu
DRFOUT - Execute Data Replication
MDGDT - Configuration Workbench
DRFLOG - Analyze Replication Log
USMD_RULE - Validations and Derivations
MDG_TR_DEST - Destination for Transport Methods
MDG_TR_WZ - RFC Connection Wizard
USMD_SSW_RULE - Process Definition of RBWF

Account Management tcodes IS-B-BCA-AM

F9I4 - Create Payment Item
F9I2 - Create Payment Order - Internal
F9I3 - Display Payment Order
F9IN - Display Planned Items
F9I8 - Postprocess Payment Item
F9I1 - Create Payment Order - External
F9I7 - Display Payment Item
F9I9 - Edit Payment Order (General)
F9IA - Release Payment Order
F9IB - Release Payment Item
F9IC - Create Payment Order Former Account
F9IE - Create Payment Item Former Account
F9IG - Reverse Payment Item
F9II - Return Payment Item
F9IJ - Edit Payment Item
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Account Management tcodes IS-B-BCA-AM

Cross-Application Objects in HR tcodes CA-HR

HRALEX_PROTOCOL - Log Extended ALE Distribution

Execution tcodes CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-EXE

CRMC_MKTCA_WF_CUST - Workflows Campaign Automation

Business transactions tcodes FI-CA-BT

FPSEC1 - Create Security Deposit
FBO1 - Mass act: Create Boleto from OI
BCT1 - Change Contact
FPSEC2 - Change Security Deposit
BCT0 - Create Contact
BCTNUM - Number Range Maintenance: BCONTACT
FPD2 - Overview of Security Deposits
FPRL - Release Cash Security Deposit
FPD1 - Security Deposit Statistics Report
FBOL3 - Display boleto
FPSEC3 - Display Security Deposit
RBPCT - List of Customer Contacts
FBO1C - Boleto: Mass cancellation
FBO1S - Boleto: Single Boleto from OI
FPN8 - Number Range Maintenance: FKK_TXINV
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CA Business transactions tcodes FI-CA-BT

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