CO-PA General tcodes

KE30 - Execute profitability report
KE24 - Line Item Display - Actual Data
VALU - Valuation Analysis
KEPM - CO-PA Planning
KEDR - Maintain Derivation Strategy
KE21N - CO-PA Line Item Entry
KE4I - View maintenance VV2_T258I_V
KEPH - Segment-Specific Events
KEB0 - Create CO-PA DataSource
KEU5 - Perform act. cost-ctr cost transfer
KEA0 - CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern
KE4S - Post billing documents to CO-PA
KEPC - Flexible Callup of Cost Estimates
KEAT - Reconcile CO-PA <-> SD <-> FI
KE4J - Maintain view V_TKEVA03M
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CO-PA General tcodes

Tools tcodes CO-PA-TO

KELR - BW/CO-PA Retraction: Execute
KELU - BW/CO-PA Retraction: Overview
KELC - BW/CO-PA Retraction: Customizing
KELV - BW/CO-PA Ret: Variant Query Variable
KELS - BW/CO-PA Retraction: Cancel

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