KKBC_ORD - Analyze Order
KKBC_HOE - Analyze Summarization Object
KKRC - Summarization: CO Object
KOC4 - Cost Analysis
KKRV - Data Collection Product Drilldown
KSBB - Run Selected Reports
KKO0 - Run Drilldown Report
CK86_99 - Material: Multilevel BOM
KKR0 - CO Summarization: Hierarchy Maintena
SRET - Report Selection
KKBC_PKO - Analyze Product Cost Collector
KKBC - Main Tree for CO-PC Info System
CK80_99 - Material: Cost Components
CK86 - Costed Multilevel BOM
S_P99_41000111 - List of Existing Mat. Cost Estimates

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