CO-PC-PCP General tcodes

CK11N - Create Material Cost Estimate
CK40N - Edit Costing Run
CK24 - Price Update with Cost Estimate
CKR1 - Reorganization in Product Costing
CK13N - Display Material Cost Estimate
OKTZ - Cost Comp. Str (View Cluster Maint.)
OKKN - Costing Variants for Product Costing
KKPAN - Create Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
OPL1 - Costing Variants: PP Prod. Order
CK74N - Create Additive Costs
CK11 - Create Product Cost Estimate
CK44 - Delete Costing Run
OKK4 - Valuation Variants for Prod. Costing
CK51N - Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
KKE1 - Add Base Planning Object
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP CO-PC-PCP General tcodes

Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure tcodes CO-PC-PCP-WQS

CKW1 - Create Production Lot Cost Est.
CKW4 - Activate Production Lot Cost Est.
CKW3 - Display Production Lot Cost Est.

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