CRM-BTX-BF General tcodes

CRMD_ORDER - Transaction Processing
CRMD_BUS2000126 - Maintain Activities
CRMV_EVENT - Customizing Event Handler
CRMV_SSC - Mntce: Scrn Cntrl Data - CRM Trans.
CRMD_BUS2000111 - Maintain Opportunities
CRMD_BUS2000115 - Maintain Sales Transactions
CRMC_NR_RA_SERVICE - Number Range Maintenance: CRM_SERVIC
CRMC_MAP - Customer Maintenance Mapping
CRMD_BUS2000116 - Edit Service Processes
CRMC_OBJECTS - Subobjects of CRM Document
DNL_CUST_SALES - Initial Data Transfer Sales
CRMD_BUS2000120 - Process Complaints
CRMD_BUS2000108 - Maintain Leads
CRMD_BUS2000112 - Maintain Service Contracts
CRMD_BUS2000121 - Maintain Sales Contracts
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Full list of SAP CRM-BTX-BF General tcodes

R/3 Interface for Business Transactions tcodes CRM-BTX-BF-IF

DNL_CUST_SALES - Initial Data Transfer Sales

Pricing Interface tcodes CRM-BTX-BF-PR

CTFC_CRM - CRM Field Catalog
PRC_CONDTYPE_CRM - Maintain Pricing Cond. Type for CRM
CRMC_PRCPROC_DET - Cust. Maint. Pr. type determination
CTCT_CRM_PR - CRM PR Condition Table Maintenance
CRMC_PRCTYPE_DET - Cust. Maint. Pric. Proced. Maint.
PRC_PRICPROC_CRM - Maintain pricing procedure for CRM
ACCESS_SEQ_CRM_PR - CRM PR Access Sequence

Categorization and Reference Object in Transactions tcodes CRM-BTX-BF-CAT

CRMC_SRVCATIFC - Catalog Integration

Investigation tcodes CRM-BTX-BF-INV

CRM_MI - Display Documents in Investigation

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