Profit Center Accounting tcodes EC-PCA

PROF - Profit Center Accounting
GLPCA - Display Table GLPCA
3KEH - EC-PCA:Addit. Bal. Sheet/P+L Accts
GLPCT - Display Table GLPCT
CEPC - Display Table CEPC
1KEK - EC-PCA:Transfer Payables/Receivables
KE5Z - Profit Center: Actual Line Items
9KE0 - Create Profit Center Document
3KEI - Derive Default Profit Center
KE51 - Create Profit Center
GLPCP - Display Table GLPCP
KE52 - Change Profit Center
KE5T - Compare G/L Accounts FI <-> EC-PCA
2KES - Profit center: Balance carr'd forw.
KCH5N - EC-PCA: Change Standard Hierarchy
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Profit Center Accounting tcodes EC-PCA

Consolidation tcodes EC-CS

OC41 - Maintain Exchange Rates
CXR0 - Run drilldown report
CX50 - Enter posting document
CXS1 - Carry Forward Balances
CXCD - Data Monitor
CX20 - Consolidation Monitor
CXNM - Follow-up pstng FI-Doc. (Tot. table)
CX16 - Edit Item Hierarchy
CX54 - Intercompany elimination
CX0AA - Maintain Default Values
CXNT - Subsequent Integration of Org Units
OC47 - Maintain E/R Types for Crcy Transl.
CXNR - Reconc. totals record General/ConsSL
CX34 - Database list of totals
CX21 - Enter Additional Financial Data
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Consolidation tcodes EC-CS

System Audit Information System tcodes BC-SEC-AIS

RSUSR200 - List of Users per Login Date
RSEIDOC2 - IDoc List
RSCSAUTH - Maintain/Restore Authorization Group
RSUSR003 - Check standard user passwords
RSPFPAR - Display profile parameter
RSSCD100 - Display Change Documents
RSABAPSC - Statistical Prog. Anal. for Search
SECR - Obsolete: Audit Information System
RSUSR000 - Currently Active Users
RSTBHIST - Table history
RSSTAT20 - Performance Analysis: Single Stats
RSAU_SELECT_EVENTS - Display Audit Events (Batch Proc.)
RSSTAT10 - Performance Analysis: Workload Anal.
RSGWLST - Accessible Gateways
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC System Audit Information System tcodes BC-SEC-AIS

User Administration tcodes BC-SEC-USR

SU01 - User Maintenance
SU53 - Evaluate Authorization Check
SUIM - User Information System
SU3 - Maintain Users Own Data
SU10 - User Mass Maintenance
SU21 - Maintain Authorization Objects
SLICENSE - Administer SAP Licenses
USMM - Customer Measurement
SU22 - Maintain Authorization Defaults(SAP)
SU01D - User Display
SU02 - Maintain Authorization Profiles
SU03 - Maintain Authorizations
SCUL - Central User Administration Log
SU20 - Maintain Authorization Fields
SU56 - Analyze User Buffer
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC User Administration tcodes BC-SEC-USR

Directory tcodes BC-SEC-DIR

RSLDAPSYNC_USER - LDAP Synchronization of Users
LDAPMAP - Maintain LDAP Attribute Assignment
LDAP - LDAP Customizing and Test
LDAPLOG - Analyze LDAP Log

Secure Network Communications tcodes BC-SEC-SNC

SNC1 - Generate SNC name for user
SNC0 - SNC Access Control List: Systems
EXTID_DN - External Identification Type DN
SNC4 - Check canonical SNC names
S_BIN_67000001 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000002 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000003 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000004 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000005 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000006 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000007 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000008 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000009 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000010 - IMG-Aktivit
S_BIN_67000011 - IMG-Aktivit
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Secure Network Communications tcodes BC-SEC-SNC

Authentication and SSO tcodes BC-SEC-LGN

SAML2 - SAML 2.0 Configuration
SECPOL - Maintain Security Policies
SICF_SESSIONS - HTTP Session Management: Activation
SM05 - HTTP Session Management: Monitoring

Compensation Administration tcodes PA-EC-AD

PECM_CHANGE_STATUS - Change Compensation Process Status
PECM_CREATE_COMP_PRO - Create Compensation Process Records
PECM_CREATE_0758 - Create Compensation Program Records
PECM_PRINT_CRS - Print Comp. Review Statement
OOECM_MAIN - ECM Activation Switch
PECM_UPD_0008_1005 - Update IT0008 when IT1005 changes
PECM_ADJUST_0759 - Adjust Compensation Process Records

Secure Store and Forward tcodes BC-SEC-SSF

SSFA - SSF: Set Application Parameters
O07C - Obsolete transaction
PSEMAINT - PSE Management
SSFIDEMO_DIGSIG - Digital Signature Demo (ITS)
SSFI - IAC: Test: Browser Digital Signature

Construction Equipment Management tcodes IS-EC-CEM

J3GK01 - Create Catalog Record
J4GM - Current Stock for Material
J3GI - Change Shipping Documents
J3GK02 - Change Catalog Record
J3GSL02 - Change Catalog BOM
J3GWKAT - Display Catalog Entries
J4GL - Current Stock for Equipment
J3GSL03 - Display Catalog BOM
J3G1 - Create Owner/Administrator
J3GK - Shipping Docs - Change EndUsagePerd

Compensation Budgeting tcodes PA-EC-BD

PECM_GENERATE_BUDGET - Generate Budget from Org. Hierarchy
PECM_START_BDG_BSP - Start Budgeting BSP
PECM_INIT_BUDGET - Upload Budget Values from PCP
PECM_CHK_BUDGET - Check and Release Budget

Anti-Virus Protection tcodes BC-SEC-VIR

VSCAN - Configuration of Virus Scan Servers
VSCANTEST - Test for Virus Scan Interface
VSCANPROFILE - Configuration of Virus Scan Profiles

Customer Bill of Services tcodes IS-EC-BOS

BOSMM - Subcontractor/Vendor Processing
VS50 - Display Conditions
BOSECP - Costing: Costs -> Conditions
BOSPR - Create Subcontractor Pur. Req.
BOSPS01 - BOS: Project Cost Transfer Program
VSK1 - Condition Type: Services (Sales)

ITS und Web Files tcodes SRM-EBP-TEC-ITS

EBPMSG - Create Message in EBP for Sol.Mgr.

Job Pricing tcodes PA-EC-JP

PECM_START_JPR_BSP - Start Job Pricing BSP
PECM_QUERY_SURVEY - Data Extraction for Salary Survey

Executive Information System tcodes EC-EIS

KCRR - Report selection
OKCD - Transfer parameters
KCRQ - Maintain Variants
KCPT - Automatic planning: top-down distr.
KEC3 - Cross-table translation key CO-PA
KCP1 - Validation logs data entry
OKUS - Exchange rates
KCBA - Report class overview
MA_DD_REPORT - Start a Drilldown Report
OKUL - Constants T242C
KCBW - EC-EIS/BP: Generate DataSource
KCDU - Structure of summ. level of SAP-EIS
KCB0 - Execute report
OKUT - Exchange rate types
KCDV - Maintain summarization levels
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP EC Executive Information System tcodes EC-EIS

Long-Term Incentives tcodes PA-EC-LT

PECM_PROCESS_EVENT - Process Event for LTI Grants

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