FI-AR-AR General tcodes

OBYC - C FI Table T030
XD01 - Create Customer (Centrally)
FTXP - Maintain Tax Code
XD02 - Change Customer (Centrally)
OB52 - C FI Maintain Table T001B
OB40 - C FI Maintain Table T030
XD03 - Display Customer (Centrally)
OB28 - C FI Maintain Table T001D
OBA7 - C FI maintain table T003
OBB8 - C FI Maintain Table T052
OBY6 - C FI Maintain Table T001
OBC4 - C FI Maintain Table T004V
VD01 - Create Customer (Sales)
OBJ1 - C FI Year End Financial Statement
OBBH - C FI Maintain Table T001Q (Document)
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP FI-AR-AR General tcodes

Down Payments tcodes FI-AR-AR-DP

FPDP_CREATE - Down Payments with Purchase Orders
FPDP_ACTIVATE - Application: Activate Down Payments

Dunning tcodes FI-AR-AR-DU

FSF1 - Financial Calendar
FRCA - Settlement calendar

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