FI-GL-GL General tcodes

FS00 - G/L acct master record maintenance
FBCJ - Cash Journal
FSP0 - G/L acct master record in chrt/accts
GP12N - FI-SL: Change Plan Data
FSS0 - G/L account master record in co code
FS15 - Copy G/L account changes: Send
GLPLUP - FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan Data
OBY2 - C FI Copy company code (G/L account)
F104 - ABAP/4 Reporting: Receivables Prov.
FS16 - Copy G/L account changes: Receive
F103 - ABAP/4 Reporting: Trnsfr Receivables
FBCJC0 - C FI Maintain Tables TCJ_C_JOURNALS
ACACTREE01 - Create Accrual Objects
FBCJC1 - Cash Journal Document Number Range
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP FI-GL-GL General tcodes

G/L Account Posting tcodes FI-GL-GL-AP

FBCJ - Cash Journal
FBCJC0 - C FI Maintain Tables TCJ_C_JOURNALS
FBCJC1 - Cash Journal Document Number Range
FBCJC3 - C FI Maintain Tables TCJ_PRINT
FBCJ3 - Display Cash Journal

Planning tcodes FI-GL-GL-PL

GP12N - FI-SL: Change Plan Data
GLPLUP - FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan Data
GLPLADM - FI-SL: Planner Profile Maintenance
GP12NA - FI-SL: Display Plan Data
GLPLANZ - FI-SL: Display Profile Maintenance
GLPLINST - Installation of summary tables
GLPLINSTALL - Install all summary tables
GLPLTOOL - FI-SL: Planning Tool
GLPLSET - FI-SL: Set a Planner Profile

Manual Accruals tcodes FI-GL-GL-AAC

ACACTREE01 - Create Accrual Objects
ACACACT - Calculate and Post Accruals
ACACAD - ACE Account Assignment
ACACDATATRANS - Example: Data Transfer to ACE
ACACREVERS - Reversal of Periodic Accrual Runs
ACACTREE02 - Edit Accrual Objects
ACACTRANSFER - Transferral of ACE Docs to Accnting
ACACCARRYFORWARD - Balance Carryforward
ACACADMETASGL - Act Dtmn: Define Simple Set of Rules
ACACPSDOCITEMS - Display Line Items in ACAC
ACACPSITEMS - Display Totals Values in ACAC
ACACFIRECON - Accrual Engine / FI Reconciliation

Closing Operations tcodes FI-GL-GL-CL

FBRC008 - Maintain Field Catalogs
FBRC003 - Set Up Reconciliation Display
FBICIMG - Cross-System IC Reconciliation
FBRC007 - Reconciliation Process Attributes
FBRC005 - Define Rules for Document Assignment
FBRC009 - Set Up Display Categories
FBRC004 - Define Sets

Accrual Engine tcodes FI-GL-GL-ACE

ACEC - Accrual Engine - IMG
ACEPP - Accrual Engine - Periodic Postings
ACEREV - Reverse Postings
ACEPS_ACEDOCNR - Number Range Maintenance: ACEPSDOCNR
ACEPS_AWREF - Number Range Maintenance: ACE
ACEPS_RUNID - Number Range Maint: ACE Posting Run
ACEADET - Accrual Engine: Acct Determination
ACEADETCUST - Accrual Engine: Acct Determination
ACEPS_APPLLOG - Number Range Maintenance: ACEAPPLLOG

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