Business Analytics tcodes FIN-BA

CCS - Cost Component Split
FAIP04 - GR/IR Clearing
UAST - Costing Solutions: Structure Maint.
FAIV02 - Change material prices
UA_IMG - IMG for Costing
UAMO - Product Design Cost Estimate
FAIR03 - Inventory Accounting: Document Displ

Strategic Enterprise Management tcodes FIN-SEM

UCMON - Consolidation Monitor
UCWB - Consolidation Workbench
UG_BW_RSA1 - Admin Workbench: Modeling
USRM1 - Total of All Company Shares
UPB_APPL_IMPORT - Import SEM Planning Applications
UPB_PM_SETTINGS - Planning Folders: Techn. Settings
PARA - Print Paremeter Group
SRM01 - Number Range Maintenance: INFREQUEST
UCPP - Change Permanent Parameters
UMB_CUST - Scorecard Design
UPB_STRUCT - Plng: Maint. of a Sender Structure
UCCC0 - SAP Cons: Customizing Comparison
UMV_PRES - Value Driver Tree Presentation
UIBW - Maintain comment facility for chars
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP FIN Strategic Enterprise Management tcodes FIN-SEM

Financials Basis tcodes FIN-FB

FINB_TR_DEST - Destination for Transport Methods
FINB_TR_EXEC_AI - Postprocessing of Client Copy
UASE16N - Table Display
FINB_TR_DISPLAY - Transport Container Display
UGWBCM - Data Model Synchronizer
UG01 - FIN Master Data: Settings
ACC_PERIOD - Open and Close Periods
FINB_TR_WZ - RFC Connection Wizard
UGMD_DEL_BUFFER - Delete Buffered Field Information
FINB_TR_U1 - Copy a Transport Request
S_SE3_50000100 - Creation of Batch Input Sessions
UBC4 - Create Batch Input Sessions
FINB_GN_TRACE - Activate Generator Trace
FINB_TR_CATA - Attributes of Transport Objects

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