UKM_BP - Credit Management Business Partner
UKM_BP_DISPLAY - Master Data List
UKM_MASS_UPD3 - Credit Mgt: Mass Change to Cr. Limit
UKM_MASS_UPD2 - Credit Mgt: Mass Change to Score
UKM_VECTORS - Payment Behavior Summary
UKM_COMMITMENTS - Credit Exposure
UKM_CASE_DETAIL - Display Details of Cr. Limit Request
UKM_MASS_UPD4 - Credit Mgt: Mass Change to Rule
UKM_MALUS_DSP - List of Credit Limit Utilization
UKM_MASS_UPD1 - Credit Mgt: Mass Change to Ext. Ratg
UKM_ADDINFOS_DISPLAY - Additional Info in Credit Management
UKM_BLACK_WHITE - Simple Black + White Lists
UKM_BL_REASON - Lock Reasons
UKM_BOL_COMMS - Display Credit Exposure
UKM_BP_BP021 - Display Bus. Partner Finance Data

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