FS-CML General tcodes

FNM3 - Loans reversal module
FNZA - Account Determination Customizing
FN8X - Business Operations: Workplace
FNM1 - Automatic Posting
FNRA - Other accruals/deferrals
FNAL - Reactivate deleted BNL contract
FNVM - Change Contract
FNSL - Balance reconciliation list
FNV5 - Disburse Contract
FN5V - Payoff other loan contract
FNVS - Display Contract
FNFO - ISIS: Create file
FNI1 - Create mortgage application
FNR7 - Totals and Balance List
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP FS-CML General tcodes

Portfolio tcodes FS-CML-PO

FNCNCL - Delete Rescission Indicator
FN_PPO_VIEWCALL - PPO Customizing with Component

Accounting tcodes FS-CML-AC

FIOA - Interest on Arrears Calculation
FDUNN - Dunning Loans
FZKB - Clear Trivial Amnts for Cons. Loans
FZKL - Account Clearing Loans
FZUA - Auto. Process Unscheduled Repayment

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