Inspection Lot Completion tcodes QM-IM-UD

QA11 - Record usage decision
QA12 - Change usage decision with history
QA16 - Collective UD for accepted lots
QVM2 - Inspection lots with open quantities
QA13 - Display usage decision
QA17 - Job planning for auto usage decision
QA41 - Scheduling UD for Production Lots
QA14 - Change UD without history
QVM3 - Lots without usage decision
QVM1 - Inspection lots without completion
QA19 - Automatic usage decision
QA18 - Job overview for auto usage decision
QA42 - Job planning: UD prod. insp.lots
OQI4 - Customize Lot Selection for QA32/33

Results Recording tcodes QM-IM-RR

QE51N - Results Recording Worklist
QE01 - Record characteristic results
QE11 - Record results for inspection point
QE51 - Results recording worklist
QE02 - Change characteristic results
QE03 - Display characteristic results
QF01 - Record defect data
QAS2 - Download Basic Data (Obsolete)
QE17 - Record results for equipment
QAS1 - Download Insp. Specs. (Obsolete)
QE12 - Change results for inspection point
QE13 - Display results for inspection point
QE23 - Record results for phys. sample
QF11 - Record defects for inspection lot
QE09 - Indiv.display of charac.result
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP IM Results Recording tcodes QM-IM-RR

Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures tcodes MM-IM-VP

MRN9 - Balance Sheet Values by Account
MRF1 - Execute FIFO Valuation
MRF3 - FIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract
MRN0 - Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices
MRN1 - Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverage
MRF4 - FIFO: Select Materials
MRLC - Transfer Third-Party Data
OMWE - C LIFO/FIFO Valuation Active?
MRLH - Change LIFO/FIFO Valuation Level
MRN2 - Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate
MRL4 - Display LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
MRN3 - Loss-Free Valuation
OMWL - C LIFO/FIFO Global Setting
MRY1 - Calculate Average Receipt Price
MRL1 - Perform LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP IM Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures tcodes MM-IM-VP

Time Zones tcodes BC-SRV-TIM-TZ

STZAC - Maintain time zone act. in client
STZBC - Maintain time zones in Basis Cust.
STZAD - Disp.time zone client
STZGC - Time zones: Maintain
STZBD - Display time zones (Basis Cust.)
STZEC - Time zone mapping in ext. systems
STZED - Time zone mapping in ext. systems
STZGD - Time zone cust.:

Sample Management tcodes QM-IM-SM

QPR1 - Create physical sample
QPR2 - Change Sample
QPV2 - Maintain sample drawing procedure
QPR4 - Confirm physical sample drawing
QPR5 - Manual inspection lots for physSamps
QPR3 - Display physical sample
QPR6 - Create new phys.-samp. drawing w.ref
QPR7 - Storage Data Maintenance
QPV3 - Display sample drawing procedure

NetWeaver Enterprise Search tcodes BC-EIM-ESH

ESH_COCKPIT - Connector Administration Cockpit
ESH_SEARCH - Enterprise Search
ESH_MODELER - Search & Analytics Modeler
ESH_ADM_TREX_DEST - Set TREX Destination

Financial Mathematics tcodes CA-FIM-FMA

FIMA - Financial Calculations

Intellectual Property Management tcodes CRM-IM-IPM

CRMD_IPM_EVENT - Date/Event Management
CRMD_BUS2000230 - Maintain License Sales Contracts
CRMD_BUS2000231 - Edit License Acquisition Contracts
CRMD_BUS2000232 - Edit License Usage Confirmation
CRMC_IPMO_BWSELOPT - BW Select Optns: IPMO Sett.DataColl.
CRMC_IPM_CLRRUL - Clearing Control - Diagram Form
CRMD_IPM_AVAILABLE - Analyze Rights Availability
CRMD_IPM_HIER - Maintain Hierarchical Attributes
CRMD_IPM_HIER_VIEW - Maintain Hier.Attributes Views
CRMD_IPM_RD_PCUI_GEN - IPM: Generate People Centric UI
CRM_IPM_D_USAGE_DATA - Enter Usage Confirmation Data
CRM_IPM_GRP_MAINTAIN - Maintain Generation Profile

Basic Functions tcodes MM-IM-GF

OMWW - MM Account Determination Wizard

Date Rules tcodes BC-SRV-TIM-TR

TIMECUST - Profile for Time Functions
TIMECUSTEV - Symbolic Names for Dates
TIMEPROF - Profile for Time Functions

Excise Duty tcodes MM-IM-ED

/BEV2/EDTR - Tax Return (General)
/BEV2/EDT3 - Excise Duty - Document Evaluation

Time streams tcodes BC-SRV-TIM-TS

STSN - Customizing Number Ranges TimeStream

Financial Conditions tcodes CA-FIM-FCO

F9COGR2 - Edit Condition Group
BCA_CONDSTD_REL01 - Customizing Release Procedure

Stock Transfer/Transfer Posting tcodes MM-IM-ST

ADEX - Order-material transfer posting

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