LE-WM General tcodes

LT03 - Create TO for Delivery
LT01 - Create Transfer Order
LT0G - Return delivery to stock
LT06 - Create TO for Material Document
LT12 - Confirm transfer order
LT10 - Create Transfer Order from List
LI21 - Clear Inventory Differences in MM-IM
LS24 - Display Quants for Material
LS26 - Warehouse stocks per material
LU04 - Selection of Posting Change Notices
LL01 - Warehouse Activity Monitor
LX26 - Inventory in WM via cycle counting
LI20 - Clear Inventory Differences WM
LT31 - Print TO Manually
LB10 - TRs for Storage Type
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP LE-WM General tcodes

Other Functions tcodes LE-WM-GF

OMNI - Print Program per Warehouse Number
OMLV - Print Control for Whse Management
OMLR - WM Interface to Inventory Management
LS10 - Generate Storage Bins
OMLY - Storage Type Search
OMLT - Stock Removal Strat. Partial Qty
OMLJ - Movement Types for Whse Management
OMKZ - Automatic Transfer Orders
OMKX - Automatic Transfer Orders
OMMI - Section Check per Storage Type
OMK0 - Link to PP interface
OMMY - Print Code
OLML - IMG structure Warehouse Management
OMLX - Confirmation
OMNK - Inventory Control per Storage Type
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP LE-WM Other Functions tcodes LE-WM-GF

Dynamic Cycle Counting tcodes LE-WM-DCC

LM58 - Sys. guided dynamic inventory count
LM59 - User initiated dynamic invent. count
LM60 - User guided dynamic invent. count

R/2-R/3 Link tcodes LE-WM-DWM

LN07 - Number Ranges for WM Communic.Rec.
DZ00 - Introduction to decentr.systems

Cross-Docking tcodes LE-WM-CD

LXDCK - Cross-Docking Monitor

Value-Added Services tcodes LE-WM-VAS

LVASWOR - Create VAS Order w/o reference
LVASEXIT - Exit stock from Work Center
LPVAS - VAS Management
LVAST02 - Modify VAS Template
LVAST01 - Create VAS Template

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