MM-PUR-GF General tcodes

M/06 - Condition Type: (Purchasing)
OLME - IMG View: Purchasing
M/08 - Conditions: Schema for Purchasing
OME9 - C MM-PUR Acct. Assignment Categories
OMET - Settings for Function Authorizations
OMQW - Entry Aids w/o Material Master
OMFI - Settings for Default Values
MECCM - Send Purchasing Data to Catalog
OMH6 - Number Ranges for Purch. Documents
OX17 - Plants -> Purchasing organization
OME4 - C MM-PUR Purchasing Groups
M/03 - Create Conditions Table (Purchasing)
M/07 - Access: Maintain (Price Purchasing)
OMRO - G/L Account Auth. in Requisition
OMEC - Copying Control Maintenance
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP MM-PUR-GF General tcodes

CPE in MM tcodes MM-PUR-GF-CPE

MCPE_CUS - Commodity Pricing Customizing for MM
MCPE_FA_ACC_SEQ - Access Sequence for Formula Assembly
MCPE_FA_COND_TYPE - Condition Types for Formula Assembly
MCPE_FA_CT - Cond. Tables for Formula Assembly
MCPE_FA_DET_PROC - Det. Procedure for Formula Assembly
MCPE_FA_FC - MM Field Catalog
MCPE_FA_GCM - Formula Master Data Maintenance

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