PA-PA General tcodes

PA30 - Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 - Personnel Actions
PM01 - Enhance Infotypes
PA20 - Display HR Master Data
OH00 - Access Subset View
PAR1 - Flexible Employee Data
PE03 - HR: Features
PAR2 - Employee List
PM03 - Maintain Number Range Features
PA41 - Change Entry/Leaving Date
PU03 - Change Payroll Status
PA04 - Maintain PA Number Ranges
PA48 - Hiring from External System
PU00 - Delete Personnel Data
PA70 - Fast Entry
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Full list of SAP PA-PA General tcodes

India tcodes PA-PA-IN

PC00_M40_REMP - Disbursement of claims
PC00_M40_DAB - Batch program for Dearness Allowance
HRESSIN_F16 - Display Form 16
PC00_M40_REMS - Status for claims
PC00_M40_BSG - Basic - General Increments
PZ80 - ESS Investment detls - IT585 -Sec80
PZ88 - ESS Sec 80C Deduction details- IT586
PC00_M40_ESIU - Utility Program for ESI
PC00_M40_HRA - Rent receipt updation report
PC00_M40_BSP - Basic - Promotions
PC00_M40_S88 - Batch program for Section80
PC00_M40_S80 - Batch program for Section80
PC00_M40_ESIB - ESI Batch Program
PC00_M40_ALR - Allowance Restructuring

Canada tcodes PA-PA-CA

PZ13 - Personal Data
B1B2 - Create Magnetic Media files
EEAK - Employment equity - Canada
PZ56 - Additional Personal Data
PC00_M07_UNTU - Start of Year Cred/Ded. Update 07
PZ08 - Taxes

USA tcodes PA-PA-US

WS01000045 - Employment and Salary Verification
PZ12 - Family/Related Person
PTFMLA - FMLA Workbench
S_L6B_69000188 - VETS : US Legal Compliance Report fo
PZ16 - Employment and Salary Verification

Australia tcodes PA-PA-AU

PZ28 - ESS Previous Employers
PZ25 - ESS Australian Taxes
PZ27 - ESS Superannuation Australia
PZ29 - ESS External Bank Transfer Australia

South Africa tcodes PA-PA-ZA

P16B - Salary packaging (web)
P16B_ADMIN - Salary packaging
P16_NQFCHANGE - Change NQF Catalogue
PEWA2 - EEA2 Workforce Analysis
P16_NQFDISP - Display NQF Catalogue
P16_NQFMATCH - Profile Matchup
P16_NQFPROFILE - Display NQF profile
P16_NQFSETUP - Configure NQF
PEWA4 - EEA4 Income Differentials

Switzerland tcodes PA-PA-CH

PACP - Pension Fund, Interface
PUC0 - HR-CH: Maintain MA attributes

Great Britain tcodes PA-PA-GB

PC00_M08_CONV - SxP and OxP conversion
PC00_M08_ENTS - SxP and OxP entitlements left
PCGC - Maintain Car Database
PC00_M08_HIST - SxP and OxP history
HREFI_UPDATE - E-filing Update Infotypes

Japan tcodes PA-PA-JP

WS01000060 - Leave of Absence Request
PAJP - Call Reporting Tree - Japan
TS_WS01200170H - ESS Notification of Marriage

Finland tcodes PA-PA-FI

PC00_M44_UCPL - Check for locked personnel numbers

Singapore tcodes PA-PA-SG

PZ39 - Personal ID Information
PZ42 - ESS Alternative Name

South Korea tcodes PA-PA-KR

PZ81 - ESS Expense Information(Korea)
PZ38 - ESS - Medical expense for DME (KR)

Germany tcodes PA-PA-DE

PZ41 - Capital Formation Germany

General tcodes PA-PA-XX

OOHRCE_MAINS - Switches for PAD CE

Malaysia tcodes PA-PA-MY

PC00_M99_RPIADVL0 - Advance Payment-Generation Internat.

Portugal tcodes PA-PA-PT

PC00_M19_RPLESUP0 - HR-PT: Leave Annual Summary

Denmark tcodes PA-PA-DK

RP09_LOAN_INIT - Loans: Initialization (IT3,VIEKN)

Thailand tcodes PA-PA-TH

PZ51 - ESS: Tax Thailand

Norway tcodes PA-PA-NO

PC00_M20_LINF - Employee master data overview

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