PE General tcodes

PSV2 - Dynamic Business Event Menu
PV7I - Training Center
PSV1 - Dynamic Attendance Menu
PV8I - My Bookings
PV00 - Book Attendance
LSO_PSV2 - Dynamic Course Menu
PV11 - Create Business Event w/o Resources
PVD0 - Create/Change Business Event Type
PV10 - Create Business Event with Resources
LSO_PSV1 - Dynamic Participation Menu
LSO_PVCT - Master Data Catalog
LSO_PV15 - Follow Up Course
LSO_PV00 - Book Participation
PV01 - Rebook Attendance
PV15 - Follow Up Business Event
..... - ..................................

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Room Reservation Management tcodes PE-RPL

PO16 - Maintain Services
PP30 - SAP Room Reservation Management
PY01 - Adopt T77R* from release note 20.A
PVU1 - Maintain Company
PVF1 - Maintain Location
PVG3 - Maintain Room
PVH2 - Maintain External Person
PVR1 - Maintain Room Equipment
PP32 - SAP Room Reservations: Services

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