Portfolio Management tcodes PPM-PFM

RPM_EMPDATA - Resource and Users of Portfolio Mgmt
RPM_DX - Data Transfer Tool for Portf. Mgmt
RPM_DX_ITEM - Import Item from External File
RPM_DX_BUCKET - Import Item from External File
/RPM/CUST_COPY - Client copy report transaction
RPM_DX_PORTFOLIO - Import Item from External File
RPM_DX_INITIATIVE - Import Initiative from External File
RPM_CLNTCOPY - Client copy report transaction

Project Management tcodes PPM-PRO

DPR_EVE_BATCH_DPO - Extract Projects
PRP_WFM_ADMIN - Maintenance of WFM Core Resources
DPR_FIN_GECCO_R3_REP - Replication of Accounting Charact.
S_APL_52000051 - Proj. Mgmt: Deletion of Info URL
DPR_DX_PROJECT - Upload Excel data to Proj. Mgmt.
RPMUSER - Create R/3 users
PRP_SYNC_STAFF - Program for Synchronizing Staffing
DPR_EVE_ATTR_OBJ - Proj. Mgmt: Define Attr./Obj.Type
DPR_FIN_GECCO_RATES - Replicate Cost/Revenue Rates

Product Data Replication tcodes PLM-PPM-RPL

CRWBD - Replication Workbench

Common Functions tcodes PPM-CF

INM_DFM_CUST - Synchronization customizing

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