PSM-FM-PO General tcodes

F15 - F15 Interface
F871 - Create Payment Request (Local Auth.)
F882 - Change Acceptance Request
SETB - Direct Input for BUSAB
FMNO - Number range maintenance: FMCJ_BELNR
F891 - Create Clearing Request
F875 - Delete Payment Request
F867 - Deduction reasons
F881 - Create Acceptance Request
FMITPO - Payment Transfer
F824 - Print Request
F883 - Display Acceptance Request
FMCJ - Maintain cash journal
FMFI - Execute program RFFMCJFI
F889 - Create Acceptance Deduction Request
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PSM-FM-PO General tcodes

Cash Desk tcodes PSM-FM-PO-CA

FMSHERLOCK - Processing Clarification Cases

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