Basic Data tcodes QM-PT-BD

QA32 - Change data for inspection lot
QS41 - Maintain catalog
QS21 - Create master insp. characteristic
QA33 - Display data for inspection lot
QS51 - Edit Selected Sets
QA05 - Job planning: Periodic inspection
QS23 - Change master insp. charac. version
QDV1 - Create sampling procedure
QDR1 - Create dynamic modification rule
QAC1 - Change insp. lot actual quantity
QGC1 - Qual. control charts for insp. lots
QS28 - Display insp. charac. list
QS31 - Create inspection method
QS42 - Display catalog
QGC3 - Control charts for master insp. char
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Basic Data tcodes QM-PT-BD

PT General tcodes

PT60 - Time Evaluation
PTARQ - Test Environment for Leave Request
PT01 - Create Work Schedule
CATA - Transfer to Target Components
PT50 - Quota Overview
PA61 - Maintain Time Data
PT_QTA10 - Absence Quota Information
CAT6 - Transfer External -> Time Management
WS20000081 - Leave Request
PTMW - Time Manager's Workplace
PA09 - Number Range Maintenance: HR_MMSRV
PT02 - Change Work Schedule
PT_QTA00 - Generate Absence Quotas
WS04200009 - Leave Request
CAT4 - CATS: Approve Data
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT General tcodes

Inspection Planning tcodes QM-PT-IP

QP01 - Create
QP02 - Change
CWBQM - QM: Engineering Workbench
QS61 - Maintain material specification
QP03 - Display
QS27 - Replace master insp. characteristic
QS26 - Display characteristic use
QP60 - Time-related development of plans
QP08 - Print task lists for material
QP05 - Print inspection plan
QP61 - Display change documents insp.plan
QP07 - List: Missing/Unusable GR InspPlans
QDR7 - Replace dynamic mod. rule used
QS62 - Display material specification
QS63 - Maintain material spec: Planning
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Inspection Planning tcodes QM-PT-IP

UI Framework / Service Provider Infrastructure tcodes CA-EPT-UIF

MDB - SPI Metadata Browser
SPB - SPI Service Provider Browser

Bank Statement tcodes FI-BL-PT-BS

FF_5 - Import Electronic Bank Statement
FEBAN - Bank statement postprocessing
FF_6 - Display Electronic Bank Statement

Automatic Payments tcodes FI-BL-PT-AP

F111 - Parameters for Payment of PRequest
F8BT - Display Payment Requests
F8B4 - C FI Maintain Table TBKDC
F8BU - Create payment runs automatically
F8BM - Maintain numb.range: Payment request
F8BW - Reset Cleared Items: Payt Requests
F8BH - Inconsistencies T042I and T042Y
F8BS - Detail display of payment requests
F8BV - Reversal of Bank-to-Bank Transfers
F8BF - C FI Maintain Table T042Y
F11CU - Config.TR Maintain Payment Program
F8BJ - Maintain Clearing Accts (Rec.Bank)
F8BZ - F111 Customizing
F8BR - Levels for Payment Requests
F8XX - Payment Request No. Ranges KI3-F8BM
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Automatic Payments tcodes FI-BL-PT-AP

Time Data Recording and Administration tcodes PT-RC

CATA - Transfer to Target Components
CAT6 - Transfer External -> Time Management
PTMW - Time Manager's Workplace
CAT4 - CATS: Approve Data
PTCOR - Clock-In/Out Corrections: Test
PW01 - Maintain Incentive Wages Data
PW00 - Incentive Wages
PW41 - Generate Batch Input Session
PTMW_PROF - Time Manager's Workplace
PW62 - Employment Percentage
PW61 - Time Leveling
PW02 - Display Incentive Wages Data
PW03 - Record Incentive Wages Data
PW42 - Process Batch Input Session
PW43 - Reorganize Interface File
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Time Data Recording and Administration tcodes PT-RC

Shift Planning tcodes PT-SP

PP61 - Change Shift Planning
PP69 - Choose Text for Organizational Unit
PP6B - Attendance List
PP6A - Personal Shift Plan
PP60 - Display Shift Planning
PP63 - Change Requirements
PP62 - Display Requirements
PO17 - Maintain Requirements Profile
PP64 - Choose Plan Version
PP65 - Edit Entry Object
PP66 - Shift Planning: Entry Profile
PP72 - Shift Planning
PQ17 - Actions for Requirement Profiles
OODE - Shift Planning: Work Center View
PP67 - Create Requirements
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Shift Planning tcodes PT-SP

Interest/Charge Calculation tcodes IS-B-BCA-PT-IC

F9N1 - Create Bank Statements
F9N3 - Application Log Bank Statement
F9N7 - Bank Statement - Single Account
F9L4 - Posting Date for Closing in Dialog
F9N8 - List of Accounts in End of Day Proc.
F9N10 - Overview End of Day Processing
F9N12 - Overview of Current Mass Runs
F9N4 - Restart - Bank Statement
F9N13 - Accts. Blocked by Single Balancing
F9N11 - Start End-of-Day Processing
F9N14 - Duplicate Creation Bk.State. Restart
F9N15 - Duplicate Creation Single Run
F9N16 - Balance Notification Mass Run
F9N17 - Balance Notification Single Run
F9N18 - Restart Balance Notification
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Interest/Charge Calculation tcodes IS-B-BCA-PT-IC

G/L transfer tcodes IS-B-BCA-PT-GLP

F9HI - Transfer BCA - GL
F9HL - Bal.Sheet Prep. BCA - GL
F963 - Appl. log prep.(backdated)
F97A - Overview of BCA Reconciliation Keys
F9HO - GL Control for Legacy Data
F9HRVA - Post Individual Value Adjustment
F975 - Compensation statememt daily status
F962 - Application Log Balance Sheet Prep.
F980 - Interest Acc/Def Individ. Statement

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis tcodes QM-PT-FA

QM_FMEA - FMEA Cockpit
PLMC_FMEA_SFAC_AQN - Field Selection: FMEA List Items
PLMC_FMEA_SFAC_COR - Field Selection: FMEA Measure

Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes tcodes CA-EPT-POC

POC_MODEL - Maintain Process Definition
POC_MONITOR - Process Monitor - SAP GUI
POC_CUSTOMIZING - Customizing Process Observer
POC_VIEWER - Process Viewer - SAP GUI
POC_ACTIVE - Activate/Deactivate Process Logging
POC_CHECK_SETUP - Check the Setup for Process Logging
POC_JOB_SCHEDULER - Schedule BOR Event Processing
POC_MODEL_CHECK - POC: Check Process Definitions

Control Plan tcodes QM-PT-CP

QPCP - Control Plan

Remote Control and Communication Framework tcodes CA-EPT-RCC

RCC_LOG - RCCF: Log Display
RCC_VERSION - RCCF: Version Display
RCC_CUST - RCCF: Edit Destinations

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