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RE General tcodes

Tcode Description
FOLL FVVI Pop-up for print of oth.letters
FORE RE: Simulate EXOP rent adj.
FORA RE: Rent adj. - Calc.expert opin.
RECN Process Contract
FORT RE: Rent adj. - Activate area
FORD RE: Display EXOP rent adj. log
FOOL Maitain heat.oil supply
FORM RE: Rent adj. - CEA log
FOLK FVVI Pop-up for addit.letter print.
RERAPP Periodic Posting: Contracts
FORL RE: Rent adj. - Display CEA
FORG RE: Reverse EXOP rent adj.
FOUT RE: Reverse RLR rent adj.
FORN Rent Adj. - Print CEA
FOAM Simulate rent adjustment: Free adj.
..... ..................................
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Flexible Real Estate Management tcodes RE-FX

Tcode Description
RECN Process Contract
RERAPP Periodic Posting: Contracts
RE80 RE80: RE Navigator
RERAIV Create Invoices
RECPA520 Invoice for Rent
REBDRO Process Rental Object
REBDPR Process Property
RERAALCN Accrual/Deferral: Contracts
RESRSE Sales-Based Rent Settlement
REORRR Edit RE Search Request
RESCSE Service Charge Settlement
REBDBU Process Building
REISBP Info System: Objects for Partner
RERAOP One-Time Posting
..... ..................................
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Real Estate Controlling tcodes RE-CO

Tcode Description
FOKFP Copy Cash Flow to Plan Version
FOKIP Copy Actual->Plan for Real Estate
FOKPP Copy Plan->Plan for Real Estate
FOMKB Tenant Account Sheet

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