SCM Basis tcodes SCM-BAS

CIF - APO Core Interface
CFM1 - Create Integration Model
CFM2 - Manually Activate Integration Models
CFL1 - Current Settings
CFC9 - Target-System-Ind. Settings in CIF
CFM5 - Integration Model Object Search
CFG1 - Display CIF Application Log
CFC2 - Customizing Parameters
CFM3 - Activate Integration Models (Bkgd)
CFC1 - Maintain Operating Mode ADC
CFP1 - Analyze and Send Changes
CFP3 - CIF: PPM Transfer of Data Changes
CFM7 - Delete Integration Models
CFM4 - Display Integration Models
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP SCM SCM Basis tcodes SCM-BAS

Collections Management tcodes FIN-FSCM-COL

UDM_SUPERVISOR - Collection Manager Worklist
UDM_SPECIALIST - Collection Specialist Worklist
UDM_GENWL - Create Worklist
FDM_COLL_SEND01 - Send Data
UDM_BP - Collections Mgt Business Partner
UDM_BP_PROF - Assign/Change BP Collection Profile
UDM_GROUP - Definition of Groups and Assignment
UDM_BP_GRP - Change Business Partner Segment Data
FDM_COLL01 - Collections Management
UDM_STRATEGY - Collection Strategies
FDM_P2P_CONFIRM - Confirmation of Promise to Pay
UDM_BP_SPEC - Replace Collection Specialist
UDM_GROUP_SPECIALIST - Assign Processors of Collection Grp
UDM_PRDIST - Distribute Worklist Items
UDM_GROUP2SGMT - Assignment of Groups to Segments
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP SCM Collections Management tcodes FIN-FSCM-COL

FSCM In-House Cash tcodes FIN-FSCM-IHC

IHC0 - Payment Order Browser
IHC1IP - Create Internal Payment Order
IHC1EP - Create External Payment Order
IHC1ED - Create External Payment Order
IHC2 - Change Payment Order
IHCRT - IHC: Set of Rules Def. for Route Det
IHC3 - Display Payment Order

Treasury and Risk Management tcodes FIN-FSCM-TRM

CCR - Customizing Check Report
TM04 - Roll Over Fixed-Term Deposit
TBB1 - Execute postings
TM00 - Money Market: Collective processing
TPM1 - Execute Valuation
TPM60 - Save NPVs
TPM_MIGRATION - Conversion to ERP2007
TSL01 - Create Securities Lending
TPM13 - Treasury Ledger: Flow List
FTR_CREATE - Create a Transaction (TR-TM)
FTR_EDIT - Process a Treasury Transaction
FWZZ - Class Master Data
TM01 - Create Fixed-Term Deposit
TPM44 - Fin.Products Profit Accrual/Deferral
TS01 - Create Securities Transaction
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP SCM Treasury and Risk Management tcodes FIN-FSCM-TRM

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