SD-MD-MM General tcodes

OVKK - C RV Table T683V "ProcedrDeterminatn
VOFA - Billing Doc: Document Type
VOR2 - Joint Master Data: Division
V/07 - Maintain Access (Sales Price)
VOR1 - Joint Master Data: Distr. Channel
OVAK - Sales Order Type Assignment
OVK1 - C SD Table V_TST "Tax Catg./Country"
OVT0 - C SD Table 077D "Accnt Grp Customer"
OVX6 - Plants->Sales org./
OVK3 - C SD Table TSKD "Cust.Tax Indicator"
OVXC - Shipping point -> Plant
OVK4 - C SD Table TSKM "Mat.Tax Indicator"
V/40 - Maintain Condition Type Appl V3
OVAO - C SD View TVKO_AU "SlsOrgDoc.Types"
OVAN - C SD View TVKOS_AU "Div.Doc.Types"
..... - ..................................

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Additional Material Functions tcodes SD-MD-MM-CS

MATERIAL_INFO - Material Information
WSD_CBP - Close-By Plants Application
WSD_KEYWORD - Keyword maintenance

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