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Enterprise Buyer tcodes SRM-EBP

Tcode Description
BBP_PD Document Display (EBP)
PPOMA_BBP Change Attributes
MEN Start Menu for SAP B2B Procurement
BBPGETVD Transfer Vendor Master
USERS_GEN User Generation
BBPSC01 Shopping Cart - Full Functionality
BBPMAININT Process Vendor or Bidder
BBPGLOBAL Transaction for Internet Transaction
BBPCF02 GR/SE for Desktop User
BBPSC02 Shopping Cart - Wizard
BBP_POC Process Purchase Order
PPOSA_BBP Display Attributes
BBP_MON_SC EBP Monitor Shopping Cart
BBPUPDVD Update Vendor Master Record
BBPCF03 Goods Recpt/Serv.for Profession.User
..... ..................................
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Supplier Self Services tcodes SRM-SUS

Tcode Description
BBP_SUS_BP_ADMIN BPartner and User Administration

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