The complete list of SAP ABAP Reports in Basis Components module. The most commonly used ABAP Reports are at the top of the list. Click on a sub-module to see the ABAP Reports specific to that module.

Table of Contents

BC (Basis Components) ABAP Reports/Programs

Rank Abap report Description
1 RTCCTOOL TCC Servicetools Update
2 RSECNOTE SAP Security Notes Check
3 ENABLEMENTMAP Assign projects to Enablement Map in DevBook

Top 50 SAP ABAP Reports in BC : Basis Components

Rank ABAP Report Description Functional Area
1. RDDIMPDP Dispatcher for Transport Programs Within SAP System Transport Organizer
2. RSBDCSUB Batch Input: Process All Sessions UI Services, Screen, Batch Input
3. RSCONN01 SAPconnect: Start Send Process Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony
4. CONTEXTE Context Builder: Editor Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
5. RDDNEWPP Schedule Transport Dispatcher RDDIMPDP in Background Transport Organizer
6. SAPMSSY8 Cyclic ABAP Program Monitoring
7. RBDMIDOC Creating IDoc Type from Change Pointers ALE Integration Technology
8. RBDAPP01 Inbound Processing of IDocs Ready for Transfer ALE Integration Technology
9. RSWUWFML2 Sending notifications for work items SAP Business Workflow
10. SAPMSSY1 CPIC and RFC Control RFC
11. RSTXPDFT4 Converting SAPscript (OTF) or ABAP List Spool Job to PDF SAPscript
12. SWN_SELSEN Selecting Work Items and Sending Notifications SAP Business Workflow
13. RSEOUT00 Process All Selected IDocs (EDI) ALE Integration Technology
14. RSTXLDMC Uploading TIFF Files to SAPscript Texts SAPscript
15. RSTXSCRP SAPscript Export to Dataset / SAPscript Import from Dataset SAPscript
16. GLOBALDATA Global tables, table controls etc. Performance Monitors (TCC)
17. RSLDARCH03 Read Program for Database Log Archive Table History
18. SAPMSSYT CCMS Monitoring from Central System: Management of CCMS Agent Programs Monitoring
19. RSUSR002 Users by Complex Selection Criteria User Information System
20. ASAFBSEARCH AFB: Process Open Search Requests Archive Information System
21. RSCOLL00 Main program: Performance monitor (RFC) collector run Monitoring
22. RSAQEXCE Runtime Routines for Query Reports SAP Query
23. RSAP0001 Program for object type SAP0001 : BapiService BW Service API
24. RDDEXECL Execute Reports after Import for Transport Requests from TRBAT Transport Organizer
25. SAPMSSY0 System Exits Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
26. RSALERTPROC Processing Alerts Alert Framework
27. SAPMSNUM Parameterized Transaction for Number Range Interval Maintenance Number Range Management
29. RSEXARCA IDoc Archiving: Write Program ALE Integration Technology
30. PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY Role time-dependency scheduling report ABAP Authorization and Role Management
31. BDCRECX1 Include f UI Services, Screen, Batch Input
32. RSNASTED Analysis of NAST Record for Output Type 6 (EDI) ALE Integration Technology
33. RSARCHD Schedule Delete Jobs in Data Archiving Archive Development Kit
34. SAPMHTTP HTTP Control Internet Communication Framework
35. RSTXTRAN Transfer of SAPscript Texts to a Correction SAPscript
36. FP_TEST_00 Form Processing: Central Test Program Forms Processing
37. RSSTAT83 Performance analysis: Global update of workload data from stat. file Monitoring
38. RSPARAM Display SAP Profile Parameters Workbench Tools: Editors, Painters, Modelers
39. SAPRUPGM Specify Adjustment Modes and Deleted Objects SAP Note Assistant
40. MEREP_MON Include for Monitor SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
41. RSLVCALMON liveCache: Build Alert Monitor Tree liveCache
42. NROWS DD: Count table entries Upgrade Tools
43. RSPFPAR Display Profile Parameter System Audit Information System
44. RSBTCDEL Delete batch jobs Background Processing
45. RSREFILL Transport Translations Between Clients Language Transport
46. RSMODPRF Field Exits for Data Elements Customer Enhancements
47. OLE2INCL Include with TYPE Definition Use BC-FES-CTL (see SAP Note 842824)
48. RSADRQU1 Create an address index for the quarterly adjustment Address Management/Business Address
49. SITSPMON Internal ITS Monitor SAP Internet Transaction Server
50. SAPMS38M ABAP program development - Reporting (SE38, SA38, SC38) Report Tree