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BWOM2_TIMEST — Meta Data

Description: BWOM2_TIMEST: Time-stamp Maintenance
Main Category: CO
Sub Category: Information System, iViews

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Related ABAP Reports

ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
SBIE0001 Data extraction using SUBMIT_JOB as batch process Basis - BW Service API
RSODSO_SETTINGS Pflege der DataStore-Einstellungen BW - Data Basis
RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL Activate all active transfer structures for a source system BW - Warehouse Management
RSAR_RSTSODS_CHANGELOG_VRS Change Log with More than One Active Version BW - Data Staging
SAPLBWOMT BW CO-OM: Time stamps for delta extraction


FM Description Functional Area
BWFIT_UPDATE_TIMESTAMPS BW FI: Zeitselektion (CPUDT, AEDAT) schreiben in Steuerungstabelle FI - Financial Accounting
BWFIP_WRITE_AEDAT_POINTER BW FI: Schreiben der FI - Financial Accounting
BWFID_GET_FIGL_ITEM Datenextraktor: Hauptbuch-Einzelposten mittels Delta-Extraktion FI - Financial Accounting
BWFIT_GET_TIMESTAMPS BW FI: Zeitselektion (CPUDT, AEDAT) ermitteln aus Steuerungstabelle FI - Financial Accounting
BWFIT_RESET_TIMESTAMPS BW FI: Timestamp-S FI - Financial Accounting
BWFIR_READ_DATA BW FI: Verteilerbaustein fuer FI-Einzelposten-Extraktion FI - Financial Accounting

Tables for SAP ABAP Report BWOM2_TIMEST

TABLE Description Functional Area
BWOM_SETTINGS BW CO-OM: Control Data CO - Information System, iViews
BWFI_AEDAT BW FI: Log Table for Changed FI Documents FI - Financial Accounting
BSEG Accounting Document Segment FI - Financial Accounting
TPS31 Process BTE: Alternative Function Modules from SAP Cross Application - Basis-Related Help Functions, Appl. Log, Formula Intepreter
ROOSOURCE Table Header for SAP BW OLTP Sources (Relevant From 2.0) Basis - BW Service API