CL_RSROA_VQ_SERVICES==========CP is an ABAP Program/Report in SAP application with the description — Include LRSR_CACHECI2. On this page, you will find similar/related programs to CL_RSROA_VQ_SERVICES==========CP, Tables that this ABAP Report reads from or writes to , links to SAP documentation, usage examples, Wiki and Help pages, discussion threads, Q&A, and other resources. You will also find related Tables and ABAP Reports for CL_RSROA_VQ_SERVICES==========CP.

CL_RSROA_VQ_SERVICES==========CP — Meta Data

Description: Include LRSR_CACHECI2
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Related ABAP Reports

ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
SAPLRSDN BI data basis: Name ranges control par.
SAPLSUGS External Interfaces of Upgrade
RADBTDDF Forms zum Zugriff auf die DD-Tabellen Basis - Activation Program, Conversion Program, DB Utility, MC, SPDD
SAPLRSDG_IOBJ_DB_READ BIW Metadata Manager: Read Modules


FM Description Functional Area
TR_SYS_PARAMS Determine System Name, Type, Change Option Basis - Transport Organizer
RSBATCH_EXECUTE_PROCESS Prozess durch Batchverwalter ausfuehren BW - Data Staging
UJB_API_GET_FULL_PROC_VIEW BPC: Get full process view of single step region
RS_SYMESSAGE_TO_EXCEPTION Sy-Meldung in Exception wandeln BW - SAP Business Information Warehouse
UJK_SCRIPT_LOGIC_DISPATCH Script Logic dispatcher
UJK_SCRIPT_LOGIC_EXECUTE the main entry of script logic execution

Tables for SAP ABAP Report CL_RSROA_VQ_SERVICES==========CP

TABLE Description Functional Area
RSR_S_DEBUGFLAGS Flags for Debugging a Query BW - OLAP Technology
RSDVDPA Generierte Tabelle zu einem View BW - Metadata (Repository)
RSD_S_COB_PRO InfoObject Properties (in Context of InfoCube / ODS Object) BW - Metadata (Repository)
RSD_S_NAIP Navigation Attr. Chars. as InfoProvider (Internal Structure) BW - Metadata (Repository)
RSDVTIM Generierte Tabelle zu einem View BW - Metadata (Repository)
RSDIOBJFIX Delivered Fixed System InfoObjects BW - Metadata (Repository)