# ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
1 ARCHIVELINKTOAOM Program archivelinkPROTOCOL Basis - ArchiveLink
2 ARCHIVELINK_DOCUMENT_FINDER Document Finder Basis - ArchiveLink
3 ARCHIVELINK_VIEWER archivelink Viewer in the Web Basis - ArchiveLink
4 ARCHIVELINK_CARA Processing Asynchronous archivelink Storage Requests Basis - ArchiveLink
5 ARCHIVELINKBARCODEINTSINGLE Individual Processing of Internal Bar Code Entries BC - ArchiveLink
6 ARCHIVELINK_MONITOR_ASYNC Monitor For Asynchronous Processes BC - ArchiveLink
7 ARCHIVELINKBARCODEINTERNAL Display Open Internal Bar Code Entries BC - ArchiveLink
8 ARCHIVELINKCARAHTTP Store Asynchronous Print Lists Using HTTP BC - ArchiveLink
9 ARCHIVELINKPROTOCOL Program archivelinkPROTOCOL BC - ArchiveLink
14 ARCHIVELINK_QUEUES Include archivelink_QUEUES BC - ArchiveLink
15 OATESTFORM SAP archivelink: Storing outgoing documents with form Basis - ArchiveLink
16 OACONTA4 SAP archivelink: Link Table Contents Basis - ArchiveLink
17 OACONTA2 SAP archivelink: Link Table Contents Basis - ArchiveLink
18 DEMO_LIST_PRINT_CONTROL_2 Indexing Printed Lists for Optical Archiving Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
19 OALINES Report for generating outgoing documents BC - ArchiveLink
20 RFBELJ00 Compact Document Journal FI - Information System
21 RPCD3TD0 Create DEUEV Data Medium for E-Mail/EDI/Diskette PY - Germany
22 PPPI_MCHP_DELETE Delete Batch Records in the Background PP - Process Data Documentation
23 RPCSVKD0 SI Contrib.Statement for Compulsory Contributions (Miners/Mine EEs) PY - Germany
24 RPCSVCD0 List of SI Supplementary Insurance PY - Germany
25 RPCSVBD0 SI Contribution Statement for Compulsory Contributions Payroll - Germany
26 PPPI_EBR_ARCHIVE Archive Batch Records in the Background PP - Process Data Documentation
27 RFEPOJ00 Line Item Journal FI - Information System
28 RFKKBU00 Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail from the Document File FI - Information System
29 PPPI_MCHP_CREATE Generate Batch Records in the Background PP - Process Data Documentation
30 BDSFIND SAP archivelink: Stored documents search Basis - Business Document Service
31 OAARCH04 Archiving of archivelink Links BC - ArchiveLink
32 OAARCH05 Reload Archived archivelink Links BC - ArchiveLink
33 OAARCH06 Deletion of Archived archivelink Links BC - ArchiveLink
34 SAPLOPTB SAP archivelink -
35 RN2DOC_ARCHIVE_VIA_ARCHIVELINK Archive Documents via archivelink
36 OAALL Report For external reports SAP archivelink Basis - ArchiveLink
37 ARLNK_MOVE_META_REMOTE Transfer archivelink Clients to an ILM Retention Warehouse BC - Archiving Connector ABAP
38 OACHECK SAP archivelink: Link Check Basis - ArchiveLink
39 SAPLOA12 SAP archivelink: objectspec. FM -
40 ILQBATCH SAP archivelink: Background processing queues Basis - ArchiveLink
41 ARLNK_LHM_PROPAGATE_LEGAL_HOLD Apply Legal Holds to archivelink References BC - Archiving Connector ABAP
42 OAFIND archivelink: Stored Documents Search Basis - ArchiveLink
43 ARLNK_SET_PROXYS_PRINTLISTS Set Reference for archivelink Print Lists BC - Archiving Connector ABAP
44 ARLNK_SET_PROXYS_ALDOCUMENTS Set Proxies for archivelink Attachments BC - Archiving Connector ABAP
45 LOPTLF01 SAP archivelink: Include f -
46 OAADMILI SAP archivelink: All link entries for stored document Basis - ArchiveLink
47 OACUSWIZ archivelink: Customize Wizard Basis - ArchiveLink
48 ILQAPI00 SAP archivelink: Create All Queues (CFBC, CARA, CGDA) Basis - ArchiveLink
49 OAWFLWIZ archivelink: Workflow Wizard Basis - ArchiveLink
50 OAARCCON SAP archivelink: User maintenance - storage systems Basis - ArchiveLink
51 OAPRESET SAP archivelink: Maintenance of presettings Basis - ArchiveLink
52 OAILQBAT SAP archivelink: Scheduling ILQBATCH Basis - ArchiveLink
53 OADISPPR archivelink: Hit List for Stored Print Lists Basis - ArchiveLink
54 OACUSTOMCHECK_FRONTEND archivelink: Checking Client-Related Settings Basis - ArchiveLink
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