# ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
1 RFBIBL00 Batch Input Documents FI - Financial Accounting
2 RSUSR002 Users by Complex Selection Criteria Basis - User Information System
3 SAPMF05A FI - Financial Accounting
4 <OBJECT> INCLUDE for Object Type Definition Basis - Business Object Builder
5 CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Test program for function module CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN CRM - Business Transactions
6 RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN Scan ABAP Report Sources FI - Travel Expenses
7 SAPMV45A Sales Order Processing SD - Sales
8 BAPIFELD Proposals for English Field Names in bapi Parameters Basis - ALE Integration Technology
9 MEREP_SBUILDER SyncBO Builder Basis - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
10 MV45AFZZ Billing SD - Material Maintenance
11 RSUSR010 Executable Transactions ( All Selection Options ) Basis - User Information System
12 RFBIDE00 Batch Input Interface for Customers FI - Financial Accounting
13 GFW_DCWIZARD GFW: Wizard for Generating a Data Container for a DDIC Structure Basis - Graphic
14 RFBIKR00 Batch Input Interface for Vendors FI - Financial Accounting
15 RSUSR200 List of Users According to Logon Date and Password Change Basis - System Audit Information System
16 RSUSR009 List of Users With Critical Authorizations Basis - User and Authorization Management
17 RSUSR008_009_NEW Users or Roles with Combinations of Critical Authorizations Basis - User Information System
18 RFEPOS00 Line Items (Module Pool) FI - Financial Accounting
19 MAKROS Include MAKROS Personnel Time Management - Shift Planning
20 CRM_ORDER_SAVE Save document CRM - Business Transactions
21 GENERATE Generation Program for CASE Loop (Engineering Change Management) -
22 RFKORIEX Include Module for Printing forms: User Exits FI - Financial Accounting
23 CRM_ORDER_READ Test program for function module CRM_ORDER_READ CRM - Business Transactions
24 PRINTLIST Program for Object Type PRINTLIST : Print List Basis - ArchiveLink
25 RVBARCHB Reloading of Archived Batch Where-used Records into the Database LO - Batches
26 RVBARCHR List display of archived batch where-used records LO - Batches
27 RMDATIND Transfer Material Master Data by Direct Input Logistics - Material Master
28 VARIABLE Hier werden die globalen Variablen deklariert. Basis - BW Service API
29 RVBARCHD Deletion of Archived Batch Where-used Records in the Database LO - Batches
30 ACC_BAPI_TEST_DOCUMENT Test Access bapi Accounting Document Accounting - Accounting Interface
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