# ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
1 RSPO1043 Spool Data consistency check in Background Basis - Print and Output Management
2 RSPO0043 Spool: consistency check Basis - Print and Output Management
3 RSTS0020 TemSe: Data consistency check Basis - Print and Output Management
4 RSO_TLOGO_CHECK_REQUEST BW consistency check of a Transport Request BW - Metadata (Repository)
5 RM07KO01 Stock consistency check MM - Inventory Management
6 RBDCONCH consistency check with Workflow Link Basis - ALE Integration Technology
7 MEREP_CONS_CHECK consistency check between Middleware and Backend BC - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
8 RBDCUS26 ALE consistency check: Create Purchase Order from Sales Order Cross Application - ALE Business Process Library
9 RWRPLCHK consistency check for Replenishment Data MM - Consumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP)
10 RSBTCCNS consistency check: Administration Tables for Background Processing BC - Background Processing
11 BPDIST04 Budget consistency check PSM - Budgeting and Availability Control
12 RSSNR0T1 consistency check and Repair of Number Range Intervals Basis - Number Range Management
13 RAABST01 consistency check of General Ledger and Asset Accounting FI - Basic Functions
14 RFINDEX FI consistency check FI - Financial Accounting
15 RSDDCHECK Recursive consistency check for DDIC Runtime Objects Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
16 RFFMCC_REPORT01 consistency check Report PSM - Budgeting
17 RVEXKOMA Foreign trade: consistency check - Material master SD - Basic Functions
18 RFKK_TRANSACTION_CONS_CHECK RFKK_TRANSACTION_CONS_CHECK: consistency check Report for U/T/M Trans. FI - Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
19 RAFO_WORK_STOCK_SHOW Display Worklists for Financial Object consistency check FIN - Analyzer
20 RACKONT1 FI-AA: Customizing consistency check for G/L accounts FI - Basic Functions
21 RSNTABCONSISTENCY Recursive consistency check for DDIC Runtime Objects Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
22 RMMDVM10 consistency check of Planning File Entries PP - Master Data
23 RBDCUS23 consistency check: Reassignment Between Two Systems Cross Application - ALE Business Process Library
24 RSTRFCEG consistency check for Outbound Queues Basis - RFC
25 RSSOUSCO consistency check of user tables Basis - Use Subcomponents
26 SAPRCKMU consistency check Between Material Master and Material Ledger CO - Actual Costing/Material Ledger
27 RFINDEX_NACC FI consistency check FI - Financial Accounting
28 RSTS0043 consistency check: File System-TemSe, Table TST01 (with Deletion) Basis - Print and Output Management
29 SOCM_CRM_SERVICE_CHECK General consistency check
30 RSTRFCEH consistency check for Inbound Queues Basis - RFC
31 RSTS0030 TemSe Object check Basis - Print and Output Management
32 RPDKON00 Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts Payroll - Data Transfer
33 RSDRT_INFOPROV_RANDOM_QUERIES Simple Queries Generated and Executed BW - Data Basis
34 MV45AFZZ Billing SD - Material Maintenance
35 RPTIME00 HR TIME: Time Evaluation Personnel Time Management - Personnel Time Management
36 RBDAPP01 Inbound Processing of IDocs Ready for Transfer Basis - ALE Integration Technology
37 RFFOUS_C International Payment Medium - check (with check management) FI - Payment Transactions
38 MV45AFZB User Exits SD - Material Maintenance
39 RSPO0041 Delete Old Spool Requests Basis - Print and Output Management
40 BCALV_EDIT_05 checkboxes Basis - SAP List Viewer
41 RGUGBR00 Generates ABAP Coding for Validations/Substitutions/Rules FI - Validation, Substitution and Rules
42 LVKMPFZ1 USER Include Credit check User Exit 1 -
43 RHINTE20 Create missing objects (OM or PA) Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
44 SAPMSCEM CATT - EM Basis - CATT Computer Aided Test Tool
45 LVKMPFZ3 USER Include Credit check User Exit 3 -
46 LVKMPFZ2 USER Include credit check user exit 2 -
47 MPPAUTZZ Umetak za rutine ovlatenja specifiۍne za kupca PA - Personnel Administration
48 RFCHKR10 Cancel the transaction 'reprint' FI - Payment Transactions
49 RSANAORA Analysis of Oracle tables for creating statistics Basis - Oracle
50 CACS_PS_MDCU_CHECK Program CACS_PS_MDCU_check ICM - Incentive and Commission Management (ICM)
51 BBP_CHECK_CONSISTENCY EBP Organizational Model: checks SRM - Enterprise/Business Partner Management
52 SACF_COMPARE Abgleich aktiver Szenarien schaltbarer Berechtigungen BC - Security
53 RIPMS001 PMIS: Statistical setup of info structures PM - Reporting
54 RS2HANA_CHECK Programm RS2HANA_check2 BW - HANA Model Generation in BW
55 RFFMKU_ANALYZE_DOCUMENTS Analyze database consistency from Budget Documents PSM - Budgeting
56 RFFMBS_PO_FROM_FM_GENER Generate Posting Addresses from Posting Data PSM - Budgeting
57 RFFMBS_PDATA_INCONSISTENCIES Display Posting Data Inconsistencies PSM - Budgeting
58 RFFMKU_CCF_CORR Reconstruct Budget Documents from Commitment Carryforward PSM - Budgeting
59 RFFMBS_BO_FROM_BUDGET_GENER Generate Budget Addresses from Budget Data PSM - Budgeting
60 RSDDTREX_INDEX_CHECK Data check in BWA Index BW - OLAP Technology
61 RHCHECK0 Installation check Basis - Organizational Management
62 PPEDI_CONSISTENCY_CHECK Program PPEDI_consistency_check LO - Integrated Product and Process Engineering
63 PYC_SUPPORT_CONS_CHECK_INST_RT Pr_fen der Instanzlaufzeitkonsistenz
64 RNUMKAT2 IS-H: check consistency of Material Catalogs
65 PPEAPO_CONSISTENCY_CHECK Programm PPEAPO_consistency_check SCM - Product and Process Engineering
66 PPE_CONSISTENCY_CHECK Program PPE_consistency_check AP - Integrated Product and Process Engineering
67 FSH_ARUN_SDRQ ARun-Konsistenzpr_fbericht
68 RPDABWD0 Absences Documentation and consistency check (G) PA - Germany
69 RSXMB_CHECK_PI_CLUSTER Konsistenzpr_fung f_r PI Clustertabellen BC - Integration Engine
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