# ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
1 RSARCHD Schedule delete Jobs in Data Archiving Basis - Archive Development Kit
2 RMDATIND Transfer material Master Data by Direct Input Logistics - Material Master
3 MV45AFZZ Billing SD - Material Maintenance
4 RSCURRENCY Euro Conversion BW - OLAP Technology
5 RHCOPL00 Copy plan Version Basis - Organizational Management
6 RHCOPLPT Reconcile plan Versions (Partly) Basis - Organizational Management
7 RHMARP00 material Requirements per Business Event Training & Event Mgmt - Training and Event Management
8 BBP_PD Document Display (Procurement Framework) SRM - Enterprise Buyer
9 RHSBES00 Staff assignments Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
10 RHSTRU00 Structure Display/Maintenance Basis - Organizational Management
11 RHSTEL00 Job Index Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
12 RHXSTAB1 Staff Functions for Positions Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
13 RHXSCRP0 Complete job description Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
14 RHXSCRP1 Complete position description Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
15 RHEXIST0 Existing Objects Basis - Organizational Management
16 RHFILLPOS Program RHFILLPOS Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
17 RHXEXI03 Existing Positions Basis - Organizational Management
18 RHXEXI04 Existing Tasks Basis - Organizational Management
19 RHPNPSUB Start HR reporting via Personnel planning structures Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
20 RHXHFMT0 Authorities and Resources Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
21 RHXSTR02 Organizational Structure with Persons Basis - Organizational Management
22 RHINFAW0 Infotype reporting Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
23 RHVOPOS0 Vacant positions Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
24 RHXSTR07 Activity Profile for Positions Along Organizational Structure Basis - Organizational Management
25 RHXSTAB0 Staff Functions for Organizational Units Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
26 RHSOLO00 planned Labor Costs Personnel Mgmt - Compensation Management
27 RHXEXI00 Existing Organizational Units Basis - Organizational Management
28 RHXSTR08 Activity Profile of Positions with Persons Along Org. Structure Basis - Organizational Management
29 RHVOPOS1 Obsolete positions Personnel Mgmt - Staffing
30 RHXEXI02 Existing Jobs Basis - Organizational Management
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