# ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
1 GRAPHICS_IGS_ADMIN Internet graphics Service: Administration Basis - Graphic
2 GRAPHICS_GUI_CE_DEMO graphics: ChartEngine Control Demo Report Basis - Graphic
3 GRAPHICS_IGS_CE_TEST Internet graphics Service: Chart Engine Test Basis - Graphic
4 GRAPHICS_IGS_CHART_TEST Internet graphics Service: Chart test Basis - Graphic
5 GRAPHICS_IGS_IMGCONV_DEMO Internet graphics Service: Demo Report for Image Converter Interpreter Basis - Graphic
6 GRAPHICS_GIS_VIEW_DEMO Program graphICS_GIS_VIEW_DEMO Basis - Internet Graphics Service
7 GRAPHICS_IGS_ZIPPER_DEMO Internet graphics Service: Demo Report for Zip Interpreter Basis - Graphic
9 GRAPHDAT Include graphDAT PS - Project Reports
10 GRAPHICS_IGS_RSPO_TEST Report graphICS_IGS_RSPO_TEST BC - Internet Graphics Service
12 GFW_DEMO_PRES1 GFW: Demonstration of Business graphics with GFW Basis - Graphic
13 GFW_DEMO_HIER2 GFW: Demonstration of a hierarchy graphic (4 in splitter, Drag&Drop) Basis - Graphic
14 CCSEQ_NODES_REBUILD Rebuild Table for Usage Locations (Change Sequence graph) LO - Engineering Change Management
15 GRBUSG_3 Demo Program: Business graphics Sales Comparison Basis - Graphic
16 RGRAPALL Demo Reports for SAP graphics Basis - Graphic
17 GRBUSG_1 Demo Program: SAP Business graphics 2D Basis - Graphic
18 DEMO_GFW_PRES_SHOW Example for the Function Module GFW_PRES_SHOW Basis - Graphic
19 GFW_PROG_PIE GFW: Programming example of a pie chart Basis - Graphic
20 GFW_PROG_TIME_AXIS GFW: Programming example of a scatter chart with time axis Basis - Graphic
21 CCSEQ_CSG_DELETE Delete Change Sequence graph LO - Engineering Change Management
22 BARCBO01 Demo Program: Bar Chart in Display Mode Basis - Graphic
23 BW_IGS_CHART_TEST Installation Test IGS BW - End User Technology
24 GFW_PROG_BAR GFW: Programming example of a bar chart Basis - Graphic
25 GRBUSG_2 Demo Program: SAP Business graphics 3D Basis - Graphic
26 RPTLEA40 Overview graphic of Attendances/Absences Payroll - Germany
27 SF_XSF_DEMO_MAIL Send Form and graphics by E-Mail Basis - Smart Forms
28 RSXFT_MIGRATE_BDS_GRAPHICS Migrate Smart Forms/SAPscript BDS graphics into MIME Repository Basis - Forms Processing
29 SAPLSGUI graphical User Interface -
30 RPLBEN11 Employee Demographics Personnel Mgmt - Benefits
31 RHRBEL10 graphical Resource Reservation Training & Event Mgmt - Training and Event Management
32 GFW_DEMO_HIER3 GFW: Demonstration of a hierarchy/business graphic (Drag&Drop) Basis - Graphic
33 SAPLSMPE Maintain graphical User Interface -
34 GFW_PROG_TUTORIAL GFW: Programming example of a simple business graphic = GFW tutorial Basis - Graphic
35 GFW_DEMO_HIER1 GFW: Demonstration of a simple hierarchy graphic using SAP Tree Basis - Graphic
36 RHRBEL10_LSO graphical Resource Reservation Training & Event Mgmt - Training Management
37 SAPLCNET Function Group for Accessing Network graphics -
38 SAPMSSCH SAPscript: Administration of graphics Stored as Texts Basis - SAPscript
39 RPCPDRD0 Declaration of Third Party Debtor According to Paragraph 840 CPC PY - Germany
40 RDRPNET1 Call graphical DRP Network PP - Distribution Requirements Planning
41 NETZ_BO1 Demo Program: Network graphics in Display Mode Basis - Graphic
42 RHXRBEL1 graphical Resource Reservation PE - Training and Event Management
43 OCNETOPT graphical Customizing of the Network and Hierarchy graphics Basis - Graphic
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