# ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
1 RLB_INVOICE invoice print program SD - Basic Functions
2 RVADIN01 Print program for invoices SD - Basic Functions
3 RMBABG00 Logistics invoice Verification - Verification in Background MM - Invoice Verification
4 RNASELR1 IS-H: Edit invoice Selection
5 MM70AMRA Output Messages in Logistics invoice Verification MM - Invoice Verification
6 RNASELR0 IS-H: Create invoice Selection
7 RV60AFZC User Exit for Billing SD - Material Maintenance
8 RV60AFZZ Billing SD - Material Maintenance
9 MV45AFZZ Billing SD - Material Maintenance
10 RSNAST00 Selection Program for Issuing Output SD - Output Determination
11 BBP_PD Document Display (Procurement Framework) SRM - Enterprise Buyer
12 RM08RBKPBLOCKED Structure of RBKP_BLOCKED from blocked MR1M documents MM - Invoice Verification
13 SAPMV60A Processing Billing Documents SD - Billing
14 RMMR1MRS Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) with Logistics invoice Verification MM - Invoice Verification
15 RV60AFZD Billing doc. user exits for partner functions in invoice lists SD - Material Maintenance
16 RM08RELEASE Release Blocked invoices MM - Invoice Verification
17 EDX_PARK EDX: park incorrect invoices FIN - Financial Supply Chain Management
18 RFUMSVHU Add.List for Adv.Return for Tax on Sales/Purch.: Tax on Open invoices FI - General Ledger Accounting
19 SAPMM08N invoice Overview MM - Invoice Verification
20 SAPMJ1IK Excise invoice selection - common routine FI - Localization
21 BBP_IV_UPDATE_PAYMENT_STATUS Synchronization of the invoice Status SRM - Invoicing
22 RMCBNERP Statistical Setup of Info Strucs from invoice Verification/Revaluation MM - Inventory Controlling
23 SDBILLDL Maintain Billing Due List SD - Billing
24 RJFINV01 Media Sales and Distribution - Print Subscription invoices
25 RJFWBZ01 Media Sales and Distribution - Print invoices for WBZ
26 RJFINV02 Media Sales and Distribution - Print invoices for Retailers
27 SAPRVAF2 Archive Program for Invoicing History, Deletion of invoices Fi Services - Collections/Disbursements
28 RVIVAUFT Intercompany invoices with orderpurchase SD - Billing
29 RFKORDES Print Program: Self invoices for Spain FI - Localization
30 RFBIBL00 Batch Input Documents FI - Financial Accounting
31 FOAP_PROCESS_INVOICES Clear invoices for Which There Is An invoice Reference FI - Basic Functions
32 J_3RF_INV_A Print Program for FI VAT invoice (Russia) FI - Localization
33 RASHMM14 Logistical invoice Documents MM - Purchasing
34 RNASTO04 IS-H: Cancel Provisional invoice IS - SAP Healthcare - Industry-Specific Components for Hospitals
35 RFFMS201 Create FM Documents for Payments without invoice Reference PSM - Funds Management
36 J_3RF_PPINV_A Print invoice for Advance Payment (Russia) FI - Financials Russia
37 J_1IEXCP Print program for invoices FI - Localization
38 RFIDKRTP_R Print Tax invoices FI - Localization for Utilities Industry
39 RFIDKRTC_R Tax invoice: Open Item Clearing FI - Localization for Utilities Industry
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