# ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
1 RV60AFZD Billing doc. user exits for partner functions in invoice lists SD - Material Maintenance
2 J_1AFCIDIS Credit invoice list FI - Financials Argentina
3 MV45AFZZ Billing SD - Material Maintenance
4 BBP_PD Document Display (Procurement Framework) SRM - Enterprise Buyer
5 RVADIL01 Print program for invoice list SD - Basic Functions
6 SDINVLDL Edit Work List for invoice lists SD - Billing
7 RFBIBL00 Batch Input Documents FI - Financial Accounting
8 RSNAST00 Selection Program for Issuing Output SD - Output Determination
9 RV60AFZZ Billing SD - Material Maintenance
10 SAPMV60A Processing Billing Documents SD - Billing
11 RV60AFZC User Exit for Billing SD - Material Maintenance
12 RLB_INVOICE invoice print program SD - Basic Functions
13 SDBILLDL Maintain Billing Due list SD - Billing
14 RVADIN01 Print program for invoices SD - Basic Functions
15 RMBABG00 Logistics invoice Verification - Verification in Background MM - Invoice Verification
16 RM08RBKPBLOCKED Structure of RBKP_BLOCKED from blocked MR1M documents MM - Invoice Verification
17 SAPMF05A FI - Financial Accounting
19 LV60AF0R invoice list -
20 RFFOUS_C International Payment Medium - Check (with check management) FI - Payment Transactions
21 RSTXPDFT4 Converting SAPscript (OTF) or ABAP list Spool Job to PDF Basis - SAPscript
22 RFUMSV00 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases FI - Financial Accounting
23 CLEAN_REQREQ_UP cleans the reqreq entrys up according to the core system SRM - Enterprise Buyer
24 BBP_GET_STATUS_2 Update Status Information SRM - Enterprise Buyer
25 RSNASTED Analysis of NAST Record for Output Type 6 (EDI) Basis - ALE Integration Technology
26 MV50AFZ1 User Exit as of 21D for Delivery Processing SD - Material Maintenance
27 EDOC_COCKPIT eDocument Cockpit
28 SAPMF05L Document Display/Change Module Pool FI - Financial Accounting
29 RFASLD20 EC Sales list in Data Medium Exchange Format FI - General Ledger Accounting
30 DEMO_DYNPRO_DROPDOWN_LISTBOX Demonstration of Dropdown list Boxes on Screens Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
31 BALVBT01 Testprogram ALV: Block list Basis - SAP List Viewer
32 RV60SBAT Creating Background Jobs for Billing SD - Billing
33 SAPTLIST_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO Example: list Tree Control (with Documentation) Basis - Workbench Utilities
34 RFASLM00 EC Sales list FI - Information System
35 DEMO_DROPDOWN_LIST_BOX Program Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
36 RFASLD15 EU Sales and Purchase list for Poland, Hungary and Czech FI - Localization
37 RFZALI00 Payment Settlement list FI - Payment Transactions
38 RHEMPL00 Employee list Training & Event Mgmt - Training and Event Management
39 RPCMLI09 Cash breakdown list PY - Payroll: General Parts
40 RPCMLI00 Cash breakdown list PY - Payroll: General Parts
41 RFZALI10 Payment Settlement - list of Exceptions FI - Payment Transactions
42 SD70AV3A Output from Billing SD - Output Determination
43 RMMR1MRS Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) with Logistics invoice Verification MM - Invoice Verification
44 RHTEILN0 Attendee list Training & Event Mgmt - Training and Event Management
45 H99CMLI0 Cash Breakdown for Cash Payment Based on Payment Method Payroll - Payroll: General Parts
46 RM08RELEASE Release Blocked invoices MM - Invoice Verification
47 RV60AFZB General billing interface: user exit for CPD addresses SD - Billing
48 RNASELR1 IS-H: Edit invoice Selection
49 MM70AMRA Output Messages in Logistics invoice Verification MM - Invoice Verification
50 J_1IEXCP Print program for invoices FI - Localization
51 RNASELR0 IS-H: Create invoice Selection
52 RV61B620 Check if Invoice detail report output has to fire on invoice list SD - Output Determination
53 IDGTCN_INVOICE_LIST GTI invoice list (China) FI - Golden Tax Interface China
54 SD_BIL_LIST_PRINT01 Billing Document: Adobe Print Program for invoice lists SD - Output Determination
55 /1BCDWB/SAPLIQ000000000959 View invoice lists by Customer Class
56 /1BCDWB/SAPLIQ000000001136 invoice list/Invoice Billing Report
57 /1BCDWB/SAPLIQ000000001536 Invoice/invoice list Query
58 /1BCDWB/SAPLIQ000000002536 Query to see invoice list line item data
59 /1BCDWB/SAPLIQ000000002726 pull neilson id invoice lists
60 /1BCDWB/SAPLIQ000000002812 invoice list REVIEW
61 /1BCDWB/SAPLIQ000000004660 invoice list detail
62 /1BCDWB/SAPLIQ000000004713 To get the list of billing docs has invoice list
63 AQS2JPWL_BILLINGZ_JPBILLING_01 View invoice lists by Customer Class
64 AQS2PRIC_BILLINGZ_BILLING_30== Invoice/invoice list Query
65 AQS2PRIC_BILLINGZ_BILLING_35== Query to see invoice list line item data
66 AQS2SMGE========Z_SMGE_03===== invoice list/Invoice Billing Report
67 AQS2SYSTQV000077INVOICE_LIST== invoice list REVIEW
68 AQS2SYSTQV000385NEILSONID===== pull neilson id invoice lists
69 AQS2SYSTQV000471INVOICE_DET_01 invoice list detail
70 AQS2SYSTQV000515OV_VBRK_VBRL== To get the list of billing docs has invoice list
71 CL_IM_WLF_STATISTICS_BW=======CP invoice list: update LIS statistics
72 F2001F02 Generate accounting document for invoice list LO - Settlement Management
73 RFUMSV45_R Tax invoice list (South Korea) FI - Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable: Korea
74 RV61B619 Check if FindLaw detail report output has to fire on invoice list
75 SAPLWLFL Vendor billing doc.: read invoice list
76 SDVBRL01 Program for object type VBRL: invoice list SD - Billing
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