# ABAP REPORT Description Functional Area
1 TRANSPORT_TABKEY_ANALYSIS Multiple Client: Analysis of Table Keys in transport Requests Basis - Cross-System Tools
2 TRANSPORT_TEXT_OBJECT Program transport_TEXT_OBJECT CRM - Checklist for Services
3 TRANSPORT_HRHAP_TABS_D01 Include transport_HRHAP_TABS_D01 B22D463FFA0FA910E10000000A15509A - Appraisal
4 TRANSPORT_HRHAP_TABS_M01 Include transport_HRHAP_TABS_M01 B22D463FFA0FA910E10000000A15509A - Appraisal
5 TRANSPORT_HANA_LIVE_REPORTS transport HANA Live reports CRM - CRM Analytics
6 RDDIMPDP Dispatcher for transport Programs Within SAP System Basis - Transport Organizer
7 RDDNEWPP Schedule transport Dispatcher RDDIMPDP in Background Basis - Transport Organizer
8 RDDEXECL Execute Reports after Import for transport Requests from TRBAT Basis - Transport Organizer
9 RSREFILL transport Translations Between Clients Basis - Language Transport
10 RSAQR3TR SAP Query: transport tool Basis - SAP Query
11 RHMOVE30 Manual transport Link Basis - Organizational Management
12 RSTRANSP Select Report and Variants for transport Basis - Logical DB, Selection Screens, Selection Variants
13 RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER Translation transport (SE63 Recording) Basis - Translation Tools
14 RSTXTRAN Transfer of SAPscript Texts to a Correction Basis - SAPscript
15 RSTXSCRP SAPscript Export to Dataset / SAPscript Import from Dataset Basis - SAPscript
16 RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL Activate all active transfer structures for a source system BW - Warehouse Management
17 RSUSR300 Set External Security Name for All Users Basis - Secure Network Communications
18 RSTSYCOL TSY: Collect transport Logs from Remote Systems BC - Transport Management System
19 RSCPINST NLS installation tool Basis - Internationalization (I18N)
20 RSUSR402 Download user data for CA manager from Secude Basis - User and Authorization Management
21 BTCTRNS1 transport: Move Jobs with Status "Rescheduled due to Upgrade" Basis - Upgrade - General
22 RSTXR3TR transport Program For SAPscript transport Objects Basis - SAPscript
23 BTCTRNS2 transport: Release jobs with status "Descheduled due to upgrade" Basis - Upgrade - General
24 RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE Activation of InfoObjects (w'out automatic transport connection !) BW - Metadata (Repository)
25 RSDG_ODSO_ACTIVATE Activating/Repairing DataStore Objects (Without Automatic transport) BW - Data Basis
26 RSTPTEST transport Tools: Check tp Interface Basis - Change & Transport System
27 RSIRTRIM KPro: Collective transport Postprocessing Basis - Document Management Services
28 RS_TEMPLATE_MAINTAIN Template Editor (with transport Connection) BW - End User Technology
29 SAPMV56A Module Pool transport General Logistics Execution - Transportation
30 RDDEXECU Execute Post-Import Methods and XPRAs for transport Request Basis - Transport Organizer
31 RHSOBJCH transport: Reconcile OBJS with HR Database Tables Basis - Organizational Management
32 REPTRAN Report and modul pool transporter Basis - Repository Browser
33 MDEMO_TRANSACTIONI01 Dialogprogrammierung: Datentransport (PAI-Module) Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
34 MDEMO_TRANSACTIONTOP Dialogprogrammierung: Datentransport (Globale Daten) Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
35 RHMOVE00 transport Personnel Planning Data Records to Sequential File Basis - Organizational Management
36 RKCOBTR4 transport forms Enterprice Controlling - Data Collection
37 RV56LMSL Transfer location master data to external transport. planning system Logistics Execution - Transportation
38 RKCOBTR2 transport Reports Enterprice Controlling - Data Collection
39 HBRCVTR0 transportation ticket report PY - Brazil
40 RV56LFTP Select from Deliveries for transportation Planning Interface Logistics Execution - Transportation
41 RSCLICHK Check Tables For Client transport Against Target System Basis - Client Copy
42 UPC_TRANSPORT_BPS_ALL transport of Planning Objects BW - Business Planning and Simulation
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