M_BEST_EKG — Meta Data

Description: Purchasing Group in Purchase Order
Object Class: MM_E
Function Block:
Name: SAP
Field Name 1 : EKGRP

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Related Authorization Objects

AUTHORIZATION OBJECT Description Functional Area
M_BEST_EKO Purchasing Organization in Purchase Order
M_BEST_WRK Plant in Purchase Order
M_BEST_BSA Document Type in Purchase Order
M_BANF_EKG Purchasing Group in Purchase Requisition
M_BANF_BSA Document Type in Purchase Requisition

Tables for SAP Security Authorization Object M_BEST_EKG

TABLE Description Functional Area
EKKO Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing
ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services) Basis - Address Management/Business Address
EINE Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization Data MM - Purchasing
MLGN Material Data for Each Warehouse Number Logistics - Material Master
MSKAH Sales Order Stock: History Logistics - Material Master
MSSAH Total Sales Order Stocks: History Logistics - Material Master

Transaction Codes for SAP Security Authorization Object M_BEST_EKG

TCODE Description Functional Area
ME23N Display Purchase Order MM - Purchasing
ME21N Create Purchase Order MM - Purchasing
ME22N Change Purchase Order MM - Purchasing
SU24 Maintain Authorization Defaults Basis - ABAP Authorization and Role Management
ME51N Create Purchase Requisition MM - Purchasing
ME21 Create Purchase Order MM - Purchasing