S_RFC — Meta Data

Description: Authorization Check for RFC Access
Object Class: AAAB
Function Block:
Name: SAP
Field Name 1 : ACTVT

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Related Authorization Objects

AUTHORIZATION OBJECT Description Functional Area
S_TCODE Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start
S_RFCACL Authorization Check for RFC User (e.g. Trusted System)
S_TABU_DIS Table Maintenance (via standard tools such as SM30)
S_OC_SEND Authorization Object for Sending

Tables for SAP Security Authorization Object S_RFC

TABLE Description Functional Area
PLOG Planning and Organization File Basis - Organizational Management
RSFEC BW Frontend Check BW - End User Technology
VBAP Sales Document: Item Data SD - Sales
PRGN_CUST Customizing settings for authorization process Basis - ABAP Authorization and Role Management
TSTC SAP Transaction Codes Basis - ABAP Runtime Environment
T000 Clients Basis - Client Copy

Transaction Codes for SAP Security Authorization Object S_RFC

TCODE Description Functional Area
PFCG Role Maintenance Basis - ABAP Authorization and Role Management
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) Basis - RFC
SU01 User Maintenance Basis - User and Authorization Management
SPRO Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
SE16 Data Browser Basis - Workbench Utilities
SM30 Call View Maintenance Basis - Table Maintenance Tool