Authorization Object Description
F_KK_SOND FI-CA Special Functions
F_BKPF_BUK Accounting Document: Authorization for Company Codes
F_BKPF_BUP Accounting Document: Authorization for Posting Periods
F_REGU_BUK Automatic Payment: Activity Authorization for Company Codes
F_KNA1_GRP Customer: Account Group Authorization
F_KNA1_APP Customer: Application Authorization
F_KNA1_GEN Customer: Central Data
F_KK_KUKON Authorization Check for Short Account Assignment
F_BKPF_KOA Accounting Document: Authorization for Account Types
F_REGU_KOA Automatic Payment: Activity Authorization for Account Types
P_TRAVL Travel Expenses
F_BKPF_BLA Accounting Document: Authorization for Document Types
F_FKKCJ FI-CA Authorization Object for Cash Journal
F_KKKO_BUK FI-CA Contract Accts Rec.& Pay.: CoCode Authorization
F_BKPF_GSB Accounting Document: Authorization for Business Areas
F_BKPF_BES Accounting Document: Account Authorization for G/L Accounts
F_KKDU FI-CA Dunning in Contract Accounts Receivable & Payable
F_LFA1_BEK Vendor: Account Authorization
F_KKMA FI-CA Mass Activities in Contract Accts Receivable & Payable
F_KNA1_BED Customer: Account Authorization
F_KK_EBPP FI-CA Special Functions for FSCM Biller Direct
F_ACT_EBPP Authorization Object for the Activities (EBPP)
F_KKDUTL FI-CA Dunning: Telephone List
F_KKVARI FI-CA Maintain Variants for Parallel Processing
F_FICA_SIG Funds Management: Authorization Group Internal Funds Centers
F_FICA_SEG Funds Management: Authorization Group for All Funds Centers
F_KKKO_BEG FI-CA Contract Accts Rec. & Pay.: Acct Authorization
G_800S_GSE Special Purpose Ledger Sets: Set
F_BKPF_BEK Accounting Document: Account Authorization for Vendors
F_LFA1_BUK Vendor: Authorization for Company Codes
F_KNA1_BUK Customer: Authorization for Company Codes
F_LFA1_GRP Vendor: Account Group Authorization
F_KK_AVIS FI-CA Payment Advice Note in Contract A/R + A/P
F_SKA1_BUK G/L Account: Authorization for Company Codes
F_TRAVL Travel Planning
F_FBCJ Cash Journal: General Authorization
F_IT_ALV Line Item Display: Change and Save Layout
F_KKCODU Correspondence Dunning in Contract Accounting
F_KKKO_AEN FI-CA Document in Contract A/R + A/P: Changeable Fields
F_KKVK_BEG FI-CA Contract Account: Authorization Group
F_LFA1_AEN Vendor: Change Authorization for Certain Fields
F_FICA_FSG Funds Management: Authorization Group for Funds Center
F_BKPF_BED Accounting Document: Account Authorization for Customers
F_LFA1_APP Vendor: Application Authorization
F_KK_ODCLS FI-CA Request: Authorization for Request Class
F_LFA1_GEN Vendor: Central Data
F_KK_ODBUK FI-CA Request: Company Code Authorization
F_KKKO_GSB FI-CA Contract Accts Rec. & Pay.: Business Area Auth.
F_FMBU_ACC Budgeting: Account Assignment
F_FICB_FKR Cash Budget Management/Funds Management FM Area
F_FAGL_LDR General Ledger: Authorization for Ledger
F_KNA1_AEN Customer: Change Authorization for Certain Fields
F_SKA1_KTP G/L Account: Authorization for Charts of Accounts
G_ADMI_CUS Central Administrative FI-SL Tools
F_SKA1_BES G/L Account: Account Authorization
F_FUNDSRES Earmarked Funds, Funds Transfer
F_FAGL_SEG General Ledger: Authorization for Segment
F_FMCA_SHE Clarification Worklist (FMSHERLOCK)
F_FICA_TRG Funds Management: Authorization Groups of FM Acct Assignment
FOT_B2A_V Admin. Report Electronic Data Transmission to Authorities
F_NFBA Authority Check for Nota Fiscal Writer Brazil
F_FICA_FOG Funds Management: Authorization Group of Fund
F_FMBU_VER Budgeting: Version and Budget Category
F_FMBU_DOC Budgeting: Document Type
F_FICA_FPG Funds Management: Authorization Group for Commitment Item
F_FICA_FCG Funds Management: Funds Center Groups
F_FICB_VER Cash Budget Management/Funds Management Version
F_KKCMK FI-CA - Manual Checks Lot
F_PSOB_VGT PSCD Contract Object: Object Type Authorization
F_PSDO_VGT PSCD Beleg: Contract Object Type Authorization
F_KK_FCODE FI-CA authorizations for GUI functions with master data
F_KKVK_BUK FI-CA Contract Account: Company Code Authorization
F_PSOB_BEG PSCD Contract Object: Authorization Group
F_PSDO_BEG PSCD Document: Authorization Group for Contract Object
F_MANDATE Authorization to Process a SEPA Mandate in FI
F_FICA_FNG Funds Management: Fund Groups
F_FICA_CIG Funds Management: Commitment Item Groups
F_FICA_KDR Funds Management: Account Assignment Derivation
F_FICA_FAG Funds Management: Function Groups
F_FMBU_STA Budgeting: Status
F_FICA_CVE Funds Management: Cover Eligibility
F_FMBU_KYF Budgeting: Keyfigure
F_FICA_KDS Maintain Strategy of FM Account Assignment Derivation
F_FICA_CVP Funds Management: Cover Pool
F_FICA_POP Funds Management: authorization group posting period
F_KKINDPAY FI-CA Payment Specification
F_FM_OPEN FM: Authorization for Specially Opened Processes
F_PAYR_BUK Check Management: Action Authorization for Company Codes
F_FIGM_GNT Grants Management: Authority for Grant
F_TRAVL_TG Separation Allowance
F_EDX_AUTH EDX: Authorizations for Company Code, Activity, Messages
F_BL_BANK Authorization for House Banks and Payment Methods
F_KNKA_KKB Credit Management: Authorization for Credit Control Area
F_KKINK FI-CA Authorization Object for Collection Agency
F_KKCR_BUK FI-CA Authorization for Check Management / DFKKCR
F_KKVK_VKT FI-CA Contract Acct: Contract Acct Type Authorization
F_KKWOFFM FI-CA Authorization for Mass Clearing of Open Documents
F_KKRD_MAS FI-CA Document Reversal - Mass Processing
F_TRAVL_TP Maintain Separation Allowance Periods
F_KNKA_AEN Credit Management: Change Authorization for Certain Fields
F_FICA_FTR Funds Management FM Account Assignment
F_EPIC_BKC Authorizations for Bank Communications
F_FIGM_PRG Grants Management: Authority for Programs
F_FIGM_CLS Grants Management: Authority for Class
GLE_ECS Authorization Check for Changing ECS Items
G_REPO_LOC FI-SL: Local Reporting (Company Code)
F_PAYRQ Authorization Object for Payment Requests
F_FIGM_GNG GM: Grant Groups
G_GLTP Spec. Purpose Ledger Database (Ledger, Record Type, Version)
F_KNB1_ANA Customer: Authorization for Account Analysis
F_WTMG Withholding Tax Changeover
F_FIGM_BUD Grants Management: Authority for Budget
F_KMT_MGMT Account Assignment Model: Auth. for Maintenance and Use
F_KKSU FI-CA Reconciliation Key and Posting Totals
F_T011 Financial Statements: General Maintenance Authorization
F_SKA1_AEN G/L Account: Change Authorization for Certain Fields
F_BNKA_BUK Banks: Authorization for Company Codes
F_CLOCO Authroizations for Closing Cockpit (New for ERP 2005 EhP3)
G_820_GPL FI-SL Planning: Planning Parameters
F_FICA_WCT Funds Management Within One Funds Center
F_BKPF_VW Acc. Document: Change/Display Default Vals for Doc.Type/PKey
F_AVIK_BUK Payment Advice: Authorization for Company Codes
G_802G_GSV Special Purpose Ledger Sets: Variable
F_FAGL_DRU General Ledger:Authorization for Rule Entries for Validation
G_881_GRLD FI-SL Customizing: Ledger
F_FAGL_SKF FI: Processing of Statistical Key Figures
F_FICA_CTR Funds Management Funds Center
F_ACE_PST Accrual Engine: Accrual Postings
F_ACE_DST Accrual Engine: Accrual Objects
F_KNKA_MAN Credit Management: General Maintenance Authorization
F_FICA_CCT Funds Management, Cross-Funds Center
F_T060_ACT Info System: Account Type/Activity for Evaluation View
G_821S_GSP FI-SL planning: Distribution keys
F_T042_BUK Payment Program Customizing: Authorization for Company Codes
F_WEB_EBPP Participation in EBPP Process via Web Interface
FAGL_INST Customer Enhancements for General Ledger
F_FMMD_MES Funds Management: Funded Program (Authorization Group)
F_T011_BUK Planning: Authorization for Company Codes
G_REPO_GLO FI-SL: Global reporting (global company)
F_RPCODE Repetitive Code
F_KNA1_KGD Customer: Change Authorization for Account Groups
F_AVIK_AVA Payment Advice: Authorization for Advice Types
G_806H_GRJ FI-SL Rollup
F_MAHN_BUK Automatic Dunning: Authorization for Company Codes
F_MAHN_KOA Automatic Dunning: Authorization for Account Types
F_PRL_BUK Payment Release: Authority object by Com.Code and Action
F_STAT_MON Bank Relationship: Status Monitor authorizations
F_FICB_FPS Cash Budget Management/Funds Management Commitment Item
F_FICA_FCD Funds Management Fund
F_KNKK_BED Credit Management: Account Authorization
F_FCRD_VOU Payment Cards: Card Document
F_TRAVL_S Travel Planning Status Travel Agency
F_FCRD_DAT Payment Cards: Data File
G_888_GFGC FI-SL Customizing: Field Movements
G_ALLOCTN Special Purpose Ledger - Assessment/Distribution
F_PSM_DRUL Rules for Account Assignment Derivation
F_FCRD_CRD Payment Cards: Card Master Record
G_880_GRMP FI-SL Customizing: Global Companies
G_022_GACT FI-SL Customizing: Transactions
F_FICA_FMC FM - CO Account Assignment: Controlling Area
F_LC_URUN Consolidation: Authorization for update
F_PSM_DSTR Strategy for Account Assignment Derivation
F_FMMD_FAR Funds Management: Functional Area (Authorization Group)
F_LC_LDNR Consolidation: Authorization for ledgers
F_WORKQ001 Authorization Object for Work Queue
F_LC_SUBD Consolidation: Authorization for subgroup
F_RQRSVIEW Bank Ledger: Viewer for Request Response Messages
F_RPROC Intercompany Reconciliation: Authorizations
F_T011E Authorization for Financial Calendar
F_LC_AUS Consolidation: Authorization for reports
F_LC_ERH Consolidation: Authorization for data entry forms
F_FIGM_SPG GM: Sponsored Program Groups
F_FIGM_SCG GM: Sponsored Class Groups
F_LC_COM Consolidation: Authorization for companies
F_KKINTER Authorization for Interest Posting
F_KKINSTPL FI-CA Auth. for Installment Plans in a Contract Account
F_PSOB_ATT PSCD Contract Object: Authorization Types
F_KKVK_FDG Contract Account: Authorization for Individual Field Groups
F_PSOB_FDG PSCD Contract Object: Field Groups
F_FMCA_WOF IS-PS-CA: Write Off: Approval for Write-Off Reason
F_PSFA_CAT PSCD Facts. Fact Type Parts
F_PSFA_TYP PSCD Facts. Fact Set Parts
F_PSFA_SET PSCD Facts: Authorization for a Fact Set.
F_PSMEC_CR Expenditure Certification: Certification Run
F_PSMEC_OP Expenditure Certification: Certifying Operation
F_PSMEC_FS Expenditure Certification: Financing Source
F_FAST_CLS Fast Close Authorizations
F_INVRPMAT Authorization for Material Journal (Inventory Info System)
F_FAGL_CV Customizing: Versions
F_REORG_PL General Ledger: Authorization for Reorganization
F_INVRPWIP Authorization for WIP Journal (Inventory Info System)
F_KK_CJROL Cash Journal: Maintenance of Responsibilities
F_FMMD_FPG FM: Funded Porgram Sets
F_PAYOH_AV Release and Rejection Reasons
F_KKZK FI-CA Payment Lot in Contract A/R & A/P
F_TRAVL_RW Travel Expenses: Posting Run Management
F_FMCA_IPM PSCD Installment Plan: Authorization for Mass Approval
F_LC_VERS Consolidation: Authorization for versions
F_KKRK FI-CA Returns Lot in Contract A/R + A/P
F_WEB_ADRS Display/Change of Address Data via Web Interface
F_FMCA_WOM PSCD Write-Off: Authorization for Mass Approval
F_KKMIGRAT FI-CA IS Migration Workbench
F_GMBU_ACC GM Budgeting: Account Assignment
F_FICA_EAL Funds Management: Collective Expenditure
F_GMGT_FDG Grants Management: Field Groups
F_KK_LOCK FI-CA Processing Locks
F_KK_SEC FI-CA Security Deposit
F_KK_ODTYP FI-CA Request: Authorization for Request Category
F_INVPGRIR Authorization for Performing GR/IR Clearing
F_FMSHER Clarification Worklist - FMSherlock
F_WEB_BCNF Display/Change of a Balance Confirmation
F_FM_DRSTR Funds Management: Account Assignment Derivation Strategy
F_STAT_USR Bank Communication: Assignment of Signature User ID
F_FMSPLITG Authorization for Rule-Based Distrib'n to Multiple Acct Assn
F_KKIP FI-CA Payment Specification
FI_WT_VEN Authorization object for vendr data enhancement
F_FBK_SUST Vendor: Sustainability Authorization
F_FMFG_DUN FM-FG: CCR Vendor Master
F_GMGT_GRP Grants Management: Authorization Groups
F_KKCO Obsolete !!! FI-CA Correspondence in Contract A/R and A/P
F_KK_REPT FI-CA Receipt Management
F_KKCASH FI-CA Authorization Object for Payment at Cash Desk
F_EPIC_BKQ Authorization to execute Bank Queries
F_WEB_BANK Display/Change of Bank Data
F_FM_DRRUL Funds Management: Rules of Account Assignment Derivation
F_INVRPGIR Authorization for GR/IR Journal (Inventory Info System)
F_KKDU_BUK FI-CA Dunning in Contract Accts Rec. & Payable: CoCode Auth.
F_DCFL_GLO Global Authorization Object for Decoupled System Landscapes
F_KKDEVREV FI-CA Deferred Revenue Postings Transfer Posting Run
F_KKCR FI-CA Display Creditworthiness of a BP and Change Manually
F_KKRV FI-CA Transfer Posting Run Receivable Evaluation
F_KK_ODCLA FI-CA Request: Mass Approval of Requests
F_KKMDU Master Data Lot in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
F_KKZWF FI-CA Authorization for Receivables Evaluation
F_KKWOFF FI-CA Write-Off Open Documents of a Business Partner
F_FMME_ATT Funded Program authorizations
F_FICA_PPL Funds Management: Chart of Commitment Items
F_GMGT_ATT Grants Management: Authorization Types
F_T011XBRL F/S from XBRL Taxonomy: General Maintenance Authorization
F_KKCC Obsolete !!! FI-CA Correspondence Generation
F_KKPY FI-CA Automatic Payment Transactions in Contract A/R & A/P
F_FMBU_LAY Budgeting:FMPEP Layout
F_KKNR FI-CA NOC Returns Lot in Conract Accts Rec. and Payable
/ATL/CASH IL Localization Cashie : Authorization for certain location
/ATL/ENTTY IL Localization - Entity in Foreclosures
/ATL/FILEN IL Localization - File number in Form 6111
/ATL/FOREC IL Localization - Foreclosures
/CEECV/IST Intrastat Reporting for Baltic Countries
/CEERE/KD Authorization for maintenance of object master data
F_HMAC hmac_key
F_KKCRPO Authorization Assignment in Credit Processing
IDCN_ALG01 Account Level Hierarchy Authorization Object