Datasource : 0CO_OM_WBS_2

Description WBS elements: Budget
Datasource Type Transaction Data Extractor
Application CO - Overhead Projects
Delta Process Full Load (Delta possible by using a DSO
Extraction Method Based on Function Module (Complete Reference)
Extractor Structure ICWBSBUD
Source Tables (Function Module) BWOM_RS_GET_WBSBUD (Function Module)

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Related BW Datasources

BW DATASOURCE Description Functional Area
0CO_OM_WBS_1 WBS elements: Costs CO - Overhead Projects
0CO_OM_WBS_3 WBS elements: Overall plan CO - Overhead Projects
0CO_OM_WBS_6 WBS Elements: Actual Costs Using Delta Extraction CO - Overhead Projects
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Tables for SAP BW Datasource 0CO_OM_WBS_2

TABLE Description Functional Area
BPVG Generierte Tabelle zu einem View FI - Funds Management
COSS CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
VBAK Sales Document: Header Data SD - Sales
USR03 User address data Basis - User and Authorization Management
BPGE Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj. FI - Funds Management
COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period) CO - Overhead Cost Controlling

Transaction Codes for SAP BW Datasource 0CO_OM_WBS_2

TCODE Description Functional Area
RSA3 Extractor Checker Basis - BW Service API
CJI5 Project Commitment Line Items PS - Accounting
VF01 Create Billing Document SD - Billing
RSRT Start of the report monitor BW - OLAP Technology
RSA5 Install Business Content Basis - BW Service API
OKKP Maintain Controlling Area CO - Overhead Cost Controlling